Trade Resources Footprints Find the Beauty of Made in China; Seize the Business Opportunities of Global Trade: Meet on 111th Canton Fair

Find the Beauty of Made in China; Seize the Business Opportunities of Global Trade: Meet on 111th Canton Fair

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The 111th Canton Fair will be hold in China Import and Export Fair Complex on 15th, April. As the biggest fair in China, Canton fair helps lots of enterprises succeeding and going for their business dream. During each Canton Fair, offers updated marketing services appropriate to trade trends and assists supplier memberships to get more opportunities. During the 111th Canton Fair, will not only offer its classical services of "Global Promotion" and "Training Program 685", but the 2nd Beauty of China Competition will be also hold. will always on your way to match global buyers. The 2nd Beauty of China Competition -- Carry forward the spirit of Made in China, supported by major media The 2nd Beauty of China Competition which organized by and Southern Weekly will be hold during 111th Canton Fair. Last year, thousands of suppliers in electronics, toys, furniture, hardware, measurements and other industries took part in the competition. The three siftings had brought the 30 excellent works and 4 winners. This year, the competition breaks the role. All the enterprises or individuals with creative spirit may take part in the competition instead of only membership of Otherwise, the organizer will effectively protect justices. As a powerful media, Southern Weekly implements the competition. Moreover, Sina, CBNweekly and The Economic Observer also report the competition. Updating Promotion Methods - From the Airport to the Complex, will always be there. During 111th Canton Fair, From the airport to hotels, form the ad boards at the complex to the shuttle bus, will be showed everywhere in Guangzhou. At Airport, all the passengers will be impressed with the ad boards of in the hall. At Train Station, all will be impressed with the 200m * 2.5m tunnel full of promotion of and In 4 or 5 stars hotels, you can get Focus Vision magazines for free. Plus, creative video about will also be showed there. Besides, everyday, hundreds of free shuttle buses between hotels and complex will be offered under's auspices. The booth outside the outside of the Exhibition Hall: professional platform for business negotiation (over 100 square meters with free Wi-Fi) According to a survey, global trades prefer the area covered with Wi-Fi. That’s why more and more traders gathered around the few cafeterias with free Wi-Fi. This time, build an exclusive business platform outside of the hall, of course with free Wi-Fi. It will be a new base for China suppliers and global traders. At that time, free matching services will be also offered by on site working staff. Smart Sourcing in China became one of the most popular English version booklets. Smart Sourcing in China is a “Special Canton Fair Issue” published by Focus Vision from the 109th Canton Fair. It has really clicked with global traders. The latest issue keeps its pocket size. Except the introduction of business culture in China, the issue also focused on trade tips offered by experts from Business School. Besides, several presidents received the exclusive interviews with Smart Sourcing in China. The presidents talks about the their hard ways on businesses. Trade Yellow Pages: Efficient Offline Promotion Trade Yellow Pages is a professional yellow page for trade business which was founded in 1980s. During the 111th Canton Fair, Trade Yellow Pages publication stands were placed at cafes and break areas to allow easy pick-up. Global Promotion: Take part in global exhibition, never lose a chance. When you are attending the 111th Canton Fair,’s “Global Promotion” will also take part in several exhibitions include HANNOVER MESSE, NHS, CHINAPLAS and CMEF. AS corner, finest membership exhibits and VIP promotion will be showed during each fair. We will never let you miss a promotion chance. Training Program 658 Training Program 685 launched 3 years ago. Focus business school improves its training courses during in past 3 years. During this Canton Fair, the training program will focus on North China and based in Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and Qingdao. The courses focused on kinds of subjects include “International trade is a risky tour”, “Market Analysis and Risk Reduce in Western Asia” and etc. Vista on Canton Fair During this Canton Fair, dozens of beauties from will be the exhibition square from the very first day. They will take the iPad to collect buyers’ enquiries and convert the potential buyers to the real order. During 111th Canton Fair, is proud to promote with China suppliers in the field of showing beauty of made in China.

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