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for Developing Colorectal Cancer Assay,Lab21 Joins Forces with Integragen

Lab21 has entered into a collaboration agreement with IntegraGen for the development of a microRNA assay for colorectal cancer.

Under the partnership, Lab21 will utilize its proprietary SPARQ PCR technology to develop a CE marked assay for the detection of expression levels of a microRNA biomarker known as hsa-mir-31-3p, discovered and patented by IntegraGen and its academic partners.

Early research conducted on microRNA biomarker has shown that it may predict response to EGFR inhibitor therapy in KRAS-wild type patients and identify them who are most likely to respond to treatment including improving outcomes, avoiding adverse reaction and saving money in the healthcare system, claims IntegraGen.

Financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

IntegraGen CEO Bernard Courtieu said the company is pleased to work with Lab21 to progress the biomarker towards commercialization in Europe.

"On the basis of good clinical results and regulatory approval we hope to have a CE Marked kit available based on Lab21's technology by early 2014," Courtieu added.

Following the development of the assay, Lab21 and IntegraGen will explore other opportunities for partnerships relative to the manufacturing and commercialization of the oncology biomarker.

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Lab21 Joins Forces with IntegraGen to Develop Colorectal Cancer Assay