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New Look of Your Bedroom Is Dur to Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

 5 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create New Look of Your Bedroomsmall bedroom decorating ideas(bedroomscentral.com)


Are you boring when you see your bedroom but you don't have enough budgets to redesign or make big bedroom remodeling project?I think it's time for you to have small bedroom decorating ideas to create new look of your bedroom.By using simple tips you can make your bedroom look new such as little painting,rearranging the furniture,and using other tips your can make your bedroom look new and the space will look larger than the reality is.Here are some small bedroom decorating ideas that you can use to remodel your small bedroom.

Remove unimportant furniture and clutter

First thing that you need to do for small bedroom decorating ideas is removing unimportant piece of furniture and clutter.It is really recommended to use furniture which can serve many functions because it will save space and minimize clutter.One of great substitute for small furniture pieces is storage containers.You can purchase containers with or without wheels.You can keep the containers hidden by placing them in the closet or under the bed.By applying the ideas you can remove smaller piece of furniture in the room and keep the necessary large ones.

Beside you will get your room more stylish,large piece of furniture will add openness feeling to the room.Do you know that small pieces furniture will make your room feel cramped?It is really recommended to use full size bed id queen size bed take up much space in your bedroom.But if you still want to use queen size as your focal point in your bedroom,you can cut back on other furniture that you need unnecessary.You will get your room look larger if there is more open floor space you have.Think about the angle of the room.You can place the furniture there.

Bright color for wall is better

If you want to choose colors for the wall,it is better to choose pale colors.You can choose light blues or greens because those colors have a calming effect and also make your room look more spacious because pale colors reflect light.Another way to create illusions in your bedroom is by painting your ceiling with lighter to make your ceiling look higher.

Include lighting as to your small bedroom decorating ideas

Lighting is important for every room.Beside it can open up your room,it can create illusion of space.The lighting what I want to talk about is not only electrical lighting but also natural lighting.You can start from removing your heavy drapes and replace them with light and flowy window treatments.

Mirror can make illusion of depth wall

Beside mirror can reflect light,it also can give the illusion of depth wall.You can place the mirror in front of a light source such as open doors and windows.For great choice,you can choose closet mirror.

Keep Your Bedding Simple

Choose light colored duvet cover and keep it simple.You can choose a floral print for more naturish feel when you work with cool colors such as blues and green.Keep it simple and stay away from the scattered looked.


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5 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create New Look of Your Bedroom