Trade Resources Market Analysis Marketing Strategies for Chinese Companies Looking to Export Along The West Asian BRI

Marketing Strategies for Chinese Companies Looking to Export Along The West Asian BRI

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As the BRI brings Chinese trading opportunities westward, those Chinese manufacturers that establish a presence in Western Asia first will reap the largest rewards. In order to help you export your products to West Asia, we have developed a list of resources you will find useful.

Well Known Export Strategies In Western Asia

Let’s dive right into some of the most well known export strategies for Chinese companies looking to export into West Asia.

Exporting through trade shows

Trade shows are one of the best ways companies can locate buyers for their products overseas. If you are looking to tap into a market, you can find potential buyers by attending as many tradeshows as you can. This is a great strategy for discovering new clients. Trade shows foster the spirit of networking. People who attend trade shows are always looking to expand their business or increase their inventory. Therefore this is the perfect place for you to be. Expo database has a wonderful compilation of thousands of trade shows that occur all over West Asia. Simply select the country you’re interested in, and begin finding buyers for your products.

Online sales geared towards the West Asian Culture

Retailing your products online is also a great way to export your merchandise overseas. If you are looking to increase profit margins, selling directly to the public via e-commerce is the perfect option. When exporting into West Asia, you should make sure your product has West Asian branding. This is a problem that only a well-versed branding agency in the region can assist you with. The company Origin Mena specializes in creating brands for foreign companies looking to sell their products in West Asia

Largest E-commerce platform in Middle East

A website known as was the largest growing e-commerce platform for businesses in West Asia. The company grew so large that Amazon eventually purchased it. The consumer side of the website is known as If you are looking to kickstart your e-commerce sales into West Asia, you can register here:

Local B2B sales force

Establishing a local business to business sales force with in the country is the best way to acquire retail contracts. By sending foot soldiers directly into retail establishments, they can directly contact the owner on your behalf and begin a partnership. Retail shop owners are always interested in selling new products. If you have an interesting product and are willing to give net 90 terms, you will find that this can be a very successful low-cost strategy. With the BRI ramping up, now is the perfect time to seek out new relationships with retail establishments in West Asia. The link below is a great resource for small to medium size businesses looking to hire qualified individuals in West Asia.

Licensing opportunities

As the BRI expands, the opportunity for Chinese companies to purchase licensing agreements in West Asia also grows. Licensing rights can include the exclusive privilege to sell in a certain area. They can also include exclusive rights to offer certain products within West Asia. Licensing opportunities can offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity for guaranteed revenue streams. The best way to find licensing opportunities is to contact a company like LMCA. They will help you grow your brand in Asia by acquiring the appropriate license and give you the opportunity to begin exporting.

Resources for relationship building in West Asia

Building quality relationships will help you begin exporting rapidly. Check out some great resources below.

Distribution partners

Building a network of distribution partners in West Asia is critical to the expansion of your export empire. West Asia is a vast region that has experienced tremendous domination by colonial British powers. Therefore, British companies still export the majority of products into this region. However, with the expansion of the one belt one road initiative, Chinese companies now have an opportunity to not only compete, but offer better prices. The Company MedAsko and ChannelsMEA are the perfect place to begin your search for distribution partners. Take a look at their websites and give them a call to begin exporting your products directly to their distribution facility.

Networking groups

Any successful marketing channel should include networking groups.  Learning from the mistakes of others is a great way to streamline your export initiatives into the West Asian region. When the BRI is complete, Chinese companies will have an unrivaled dominance in the West Asian region. Therefore, it is important that you look into MENOG to attend one of their roadshows. It would be a great idea to meet the players in the region, shake hands with buyers and get to know the people you want to do business with.

Outsourcing companies / BPO firms

Studies show that nearly 80% of online users ignore digital advertisements. Therefore, it stands to reason that taking your export strategy off-line will provide you with the best results. A great strategy for exporting your products is cold calling. Take a look at this list by Clutch that outlines the most well reviewed BPO companies in West Asia. These groups can help you begin a cold calling campaign to retail establishments and potential buyers to help export your Chinese products in bulk.

Billboard Advertising

Contact the company Istizada to help increase your presence with billboard advertisements. These don’t have to be large grandiose billboards.  You can also find opportunities for smaller economical billboards that still promote the message your brand wants to spread. This is a time honored tradition that never fails. Continue using this strategy to increase your export sales exponentially.

Magazine research & advertising

Another great way to locate buyers is through magazine advertising. Whether your export strategy is geared towards the general public or businesses, magazine advertising can be a great resource for you. Even if magazine advertisements are outside of your budget, you can still subscribe to the following magazines and stay in the loop with export news in and around the West Asian region. Remaining up-to-date and knowing who are the players in the West Asian export trade is the first step to building a strategy that works for your company.

Wholesale Partnerships

Many companies in West Asia post solicitations on the website This is a great resource for anyone looking to quickly find buyers who are searching for specific products. Not everyone will be able to find a buyer for their exports on this website, but many people will. The website has a long reputation of connecting buyers and sellers from all around the world, not just in the West Asian region.

LinkedIn Outreach

Many people underestimate the power of LinkedIn. When trying to export your products to the West Asian region, you may be able to find the heads of companies, business owners and other buyers directly on the LinkedIn platform. Spend some time expanding your network and reaching out to different companies in the region to find success. The best part about having a LinkedIn strategy is the incredibly low cost of execution. It will cost you nothing but time to login and begin searching for profiles and building connections.

Mall Kiosks

The company Electra solutions specializes in helping people acquire mall kiosk stations throughout the West Asian region. With the holiday season just right around the corner, this is a perfect time for you to begin displaying your products directly to the public via mall kiosks. You may find that this strategy is more cost-efficient then investing time into discovering buyers. You will also discover that selling your products in a retail setting like a mall kiosk will bring in a higher price per item then with e-commerce or distribution partners.

Exporting Through TV Advertising

If you have a retail strategy geared towards selling to the public, TV advertising in the west Asian region is definitely an option for you. The company DigitalStudioMe offers options that can satisfy all budgets. A smaller manufacturer or a smaller exporter looking to conserve capital, should contact DigitalStudioMe to discuss options for advertising your products on West Asian television.

Global trademark protection

Keep in mind that exporting your products around the world will open you up to trademark infringement. In order to protect your intellectual property, it is recommended that you engage in trademark protection. The company Marcaria specializes in global trademark protection across the world. Consider engaging in trademark protection if you want to become involved in a long-term export strategy along the BRI.

Trade statistics and distribution resources by country

It is important to understand country specific information when planning your export strategy. For this reason, we have put together a list of country specific data and resources for you to utilize.

Saudi Arabia

The main imports of Saudi Arabia are machinery, mechanical appliances and electrical equipment. The country overall has shown an increase in imports from year to year. Click the link below to discover import statistics that will help you plan your export strategy.  Also the company Binzagr is one of the largest distribution firms within Saudi Arabia. They offer direct access to retailers and wholesalers across the nation. Consider working with the distribution firm if you are looking to begin exporting as soon as possible.


United Arab Emirates has an ever growing population of wealthy citizens with increasing discretionary incomes. If you were looking to export into this country, it is worth noting their major imports are pearls and other precious metals and stones. The firm Trading Economics has provided a great fact sheet regarding the country’s import history and statistics. Click the link below to view. If you want to deal directly with distributors in the United Arab Emirates, the company Tawseel is a great place to start. They have a world renowned reputation for exporting products all across United Arab Emirates.


Traditionally, the country of Oman imported a majority of their products from India. As the world becomes more globalized and the BRI inches closer to completion, more and more Chinese wholesale goods are making their way into the region. Oman is well known for importing a majority of Transport equipment and electrical machinery. Click the link below to discover more important factual information regarding Omanian imports. Working with a well-known distributor like Atcoman will be your ticket to exporting success. They will be a great partner to have.


The country of Iran was born out of the Persian empire and is well known for having a very strong economy that competes on a world scale. The single category of non-electrical machinery makes up 17% of total Iranian imports. This is great information for Chinese manufacturers specializing in non-electrical machinery. The country also has a very strong market for consumer product goods and electronics. Read the report conducted by Trading Economics to discover other market spaces you may be able to enter. For distribution partners, consider the company Pakhshoghab. They have a well-known reputation for importing foreign products in and around the country of Iran.


The country of Turkey is a pivotal access point for the BRI. For centuries, Istanbul has been a meeting point for both Eastern and western countries in the world. Railway construction is well underway here and has been a focal point for worldwide media attention on the BRI. In Turkey, machinery and transport equipment make up 31 percent of total imports. For more information click on the link below to read more on Turkish import statistics. For a distribution partner, the company Princess Marketing is a great option. They offer many services to help companies both large and small.  Consider this firm as your entryway into the Turkish market.


Israel is a highly technological nation that relies on advanced machinery and equipment to maintain their competitive edge over the Arab world. Due to their thirst for advancement, they constantly import new and interesting products from around the world. 28% of their total imports is machinery and industrial equipment. This figure speaks to the countries large network of manufacturers. For more information on Israel’s major imports, click on the link below. Chinese exporters can find Israeli buyers by searching on the website and Diplomat Global. There you will find a selection of buyers looking for everything from food products to consumer goods.


25% of Egyptian imports are mineral and chemical products. This is due to the fact that Egypt manufactures a lot of products to resell around West Asia. The Trading Economics import fact sheet will give you a great idea of market openings you may exploit. You may also seek help from the company Unidistributors. They offer a great selection services that will kickstart your exporting venture into Egypt.


Kuwait is well known for their international relations and oil wealth. 24% of the countries total imports are machinery, mechanical appliances, electrical equipment and electronics.
There are plenty of opportunities for chinese exporters to gain a foothold in this country. To fast track your export strategy, you can partner with BustanKhaleeji. This company has a long history of helping exporters bring quality products into the nation. Feel free to use the link below to analyze the countries import statistics.


The BRI will make it possible for the country of Iraq to benefit from low cost Chinese goods. Currently, 38% of the country's imports are machinery and transport equipment. The distribution firm MasterIraq is the perfect company to help bring your chinese exports into Iraq. Once the BRI is complete, the low cost of goods will make Iraq an incredibly favorable destination for Chinese exporters. Taking the time to browse through the link below will allow you to learn more about Iranian imports. This means that you will be able to intelligently decide if Iran is compatible with your exports.


This tiny nation is home to some of the world’s most wealthiest people. Luxury brand chinese exports will do well here. The main imports into the country are transport equipment and parts. Combined, those two categories make up 19 percent of their total imports. Click on the Trading Economics report below to learn more about the countries import statistics. If you want to reach out to a distributor, the company Arabian Supplies has a history of supplying the country with foreign products.


Jordan is a land rich with history and heavy cultural ties. Their main imports are machinery and transport equipment, fuels, food, manufactured chemicals and electrical machines. Consider researching export opportunities by using the Trading Economics report below. For locating buyers within Jordan, you can use the Global Trade Network.


Lebanon has been a popular destination for tourists all over the world. Currently, they import mostly oil, electrical equipment, precious stones, metals, chemical products, base metals, vehicles, food and beverages, vegetable products and animal products. Their distribution network mainly consists of Food product distributors. However, Fawaz Holding can help you bring chinese exports of all types into the country. For more import data, refer to the link below.


This island nation known as the kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf mainly imports fossil fuels, electrical equipment, chemical products, transport equipment, metals and plastics. For exact import data you can refer to the link below. If you want to partner with a well known distribution firm in the area, consider The Alireza Group. They have the connections you need to begin exporting to Bahrain.


The beauty of the BRI is that it will connect the entire globe in a way that has never been done before. Yemen is one country that stands to benefit from the new infrastructure. Their main imports are fossil fuels, wheat and corn, rice, meat, pharmaceutical products, sugar and vehicles. View more import statistics using the link below. One of the most well known distribution firms in Yemen is Algawzi. Take a look at their website to see if your chinese exports are compatible with their speciality.


Ever since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, Syria has not been able to receive international exports due to sanctions. Before those sanctions, their main imports were fossil fuels, sugar, grains, iron and steel, cigarettes, plastics, vehicles and soy beans. Learn more about Sryian imports by clicking the link below. One of the best ways to contact Syrian buyers directly is through the website. Search around, and you can make great contacts there.


Palestine is currently in the mist of a peaking territory dispute between Israel settlers and Palestinian citizens. However, that hasn’t stopped the furious force of the BRI breaking ground and crossing the region. Chinese exporters can look forward to a great relationship with the Palestinian nation who is in desperate need of affordable products for their people. Their main imports are oil, food, vegetables, machinery, metals, vehicles, chemicals, livestock, beverages and salt. Read the Trading Economic report to learn more. Palestinians rely on websites like Global Trade to find international sellers. Chinese Manufacturers may be able to locate Palestinian buyers directly on that website.

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