Trade Resources News & Press Release Share Story, $2000 Awaits!

Share Story, $2000 Awaits!

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Introduction has been providing services to global buyers for the past 22 years, we are celebrating our first Star Buyer anniversary and moving to a new headquarter. Now we are calling for short videos from our partners all over the world to celebrate these events with us!
Correspondingly, we provide top 10 videos with cash reward ranging from $400 to $2000, for the first 100 videos that meet our requirements, we offer an extra $50 to thank our fans for such quick response.

Read the following content for detail:

Share Story, $2000 Awaits!

【Time of Event】

Submission time: Nov.3rd, 2020 - Nov.29th, 2020
Award announcement: Dec.30th, 2020 (The selection result will be announced through Trade Resource)

【Participation Method】

You can participate by uploading videos via email or WhatsApp.

【Rules for Participation】

The video must be highly relevant to You can refer to the following form & content:

1. Growth story: Career growth on

2. Sensational story: How to overcome difficulties through the platform

3. Entrepreneur story:  How to start a business through MIC

4.Transaction story:  Sharing the first/highest order experience; cooperation experience with suppliers

5. Participation story:  Online/offline Canton Fair participation experience

6. Heartfelt story: Share what you really want to say to the supplier

7. Factory inspection story: Experience of factory inspection

8. Gratitude story: Explain what service provided by really helped you and how is the cooperation with suppliers, you can also congratulate on ‘s events

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