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Light and Airy Arbors Are a Delight

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Care for Your Arbor During the WinterLight and airy arbors are a delight during the spring and summer months when they are covered with vines and bright flowers. However, when the snow and ice hits during the winter, it's important to take care of your arbors. That lightweight wood or metal that gives them such an ethereal presence during the summer could become a liability when covered with heavy ice.

Protect Your Arbor in the Winter

Head outside when possible, and use a broom to brush snow off the arbor to prevent buildup.

If ice builds up, gently use the side of your hand to crack it off while supporting the rest of the arbor. Work from the bottom up so ice falling from the top doesn't weigh down the lower part further. Although the ice might look delicate and whimsical, it is deceptively heavy and could bend or break the wood or metal.

If you have trees nearby, keep an eye on them. Heavy snow and ice could cause their branches to break and fall on the arbor.


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Care for Your Arbor During the Winter
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