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Some Version of a Louis Chair Would Be The Perfect Choice. No Kidding

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If you're ever in a conundrum about which chair to choose for a certain space, chances are high that some version of a Louis chair would be the perfect choice. No kidding. These amazingly stylish and versatile chairs have the magical ability to transform into the perfect accent or foundation for nearly any space – modern, traditional, eclectic, and everywhere in between. All it takes is a knowledge of the overall vibe you want to achieve and the tweaks to the Louis chair that will take it there. Consider the following:

Louis Chairs & Their Versatility
Louis Chair Contemporary – Hot pink and leopard-print stilettos? And a mirrored vanity? This chair is definitely in the neighborhood of ultra-urban chic. The Louis form is a lovely choice here, as it allows us to see the color from the back view of the chair as well as the fantastic lines and curves that make the Louis chair such a treasure. A perfect pop of lipstick in this uber sophisticated space.


Louis Chairs & Their Versatility_1
Louis Chair Eclectic – Although this is an extreme case, the Louis chair form can readily pull off ironic and/or iconic art in upholstery, as you see here. The chair has just enough of traditional mixed with luxurious with a limitless potential for modern. Whether the eclectic updates be via color, pattern, or photograph, the Louis chair can easily chameleon itself to look at home anywhere! Although this room as a whole is not to my taste, I adore the style addition that this chair makes here.

Louis Chairs & Their Versatility_2
Louis Chair Sophisticate – One of the benefits of using a Louis chair is the option to differ the chairback's upholstery from the rest of the chair. In this case, that strategy beautifully adds a rich color to this space without detracting from the overall style. In a dining room that's darkish and fairly formal but with modern touches, the Louis chairs are decked out to add color, pattern, white, and metallic shine. The amazing thing is that, even with all of this, they don't look out-of-place or over-the-top. Rather, the chairs lend a fabulous sense of entertainment, perspective, and class to the space as a whole.

Louis Chairs & Their Versatility_3
Louis Chair Luxury – Everything about this dining space bespeaks traditional luxury. From the rich colors to the opulent materials to the oversized chandelier, visitors sitting in these Louis chairs will dine much differently than at, say, from a charming wooden bench at a farmhouse table. With all the gilded furnishings and luxe style here, no other chair could add to this look of opulence the same way as the Louis chair. It is a perfect chair choice.

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Louis Chairs & Their Versatility
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