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Platform Beds Have Many Styles

Asian Platform Beds
Asian style platform beds incorporate Asian architectural elements into the bed design. Often simple and exotic, Asian platform beds are some of the most popular platform beds we carry. Simple Japanese platform beds have been styled after traditional tatami mat beds while some more exotic Japanese style platform beds pull from the more elaborate elements of Japanese architecture. You'll also discover tropical style platform beds associated with the easy living lifestyle of South East Asian Countries. Turn your bedroom into an exotic paradise with our collection of Asian platform beds.

Modern Platform Beds
Many people associate modern platform beds with European platform beds however some Asian platform beds can be considered modern as well. Today's modern furniture styles more than anything feature simplicity in designs. Modern platform beds will have clean lines, few frills with much of the character coming from the specific materials chosen. Modern platform beds can be made of metal, wood, composite materials such as particle board, upholstered, plastics and more. Price and quality can vary dramatically in the world of modern platform beds.

Storage Platform Beds
More of a function than a style, Storage platform beds offer owners easy to access extra storage compartments underneath the platform bed itself. This feature has become very popular for urban living because of its space saving feature. This category of platform beds can come in a variety of aesthetic from modern to traditional.

Traditional Platform Beds
Classic American furniture has a style of its own and is often blends with today's American homes best. Specialty styles such as Asian and contemporary platform beds don't mix well with many of our customer's home décor. That's why we have handpicked the cream of the crop American designed traditional platform beds. Ranging in quality, Traditional platform beds are usually made from particle board or solid wood. For many American homes traditional style platform beds are the ideal choice.

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