Trade Resources Industry Knowledge Most of Us Have Been Outlet Shopping at One Time or Another

Most of Us Have Been Outlet Shopping at One Time or Another

Most of us have been outlet shopping at one time or another. Regular mall outlet stores are a great place to buy brand-name clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as slightly irregular items, for significantly less than the full sticker price at a department store.

But what, specifically, is an office furniture outlet? And what can we expect when we shop there?

What an Office Furniture Outlet Is

What Is an Office Furniture Outlet?

Office furniture outlets are similar to regular outlets, in that they sell products for less than they’d cost at a regular retailer. Depending on the store, you might find brand-name furniture for discounted prices, factory seconds and overstocked equipment, and generic, store-brand items that might look just as snazzy as the fancier stuff, albeit without the well-known label.

What You Can Find There

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These outlets typically stock everything from ergonomic chairs to desks to conference tables. Expect a wide variety of storage options, from book shelves to filing cabinets, and display aids like whiteboards, bulletin boards, and easels. Some stores might also stock computer equipment such as laptops, printers, and fax machines or office supplies like paper and pens. In general, you’ll find the biggest savings at specialized stores. It’s simple economics: a place that sells only furniture will have more items to choose from, while a more general retailer might have only five types of chairs, for example, in stock at any one time.

How the Prices Compare

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Savings vary wildly at these stores, so know before you go.

Star by doing your research: gather circulars and surf e-commerce sites. Don’t take the outlet’s word for the fact that they have the best deals; do the comparisons yourself. And check the fine print: some stores will offer rebates or coupons, but you may need to be organized to take advantage of them. A desk that’s 30 percent off with a coupon is no percent off if you leave the coupon at home.

Make sure to compare office furniture outlets to used office furniture. Often, you might be able to get a better product at a better price if you consider buying used.

It’s worth doing your homework, because if you shop carefully, you can save a huge amount of money. In an interview with, our CEO Jay Berkowitz notes:

“We save our customers, on average, about 70 percent in comparison to the same furniture new. For example, to outfit a small business start-up with 25 employees, it would cost about $150,000 in brand new furniture. At Arnold’s, it would cost about $50,000 for the same exact furniture.”

Contact us if you’d like more information on how we can save you money on used office furniture, or stop by and browse our showroom, and see for yourself.

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What Is an Office Furniture Outlet?
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