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There Are Some Guidelines to Follow When You Decide to Go in for a Triple Bunk Bed

There are some guidelines to follow when you decide to go in for a triple bunk bed. One of the advantages of using this bed is the saving of space in your room. When buying this bed for your children to use, make sure you buy those that are separable depending on their current ages. Under normal circumstances, children below the age of six years are not supposed to sleep on lofted bunk beds rather they could sleep on the separated beds until they are older. But as they grow old they will need more space to play in. This is where you can then assemble the triple bunk bed offering them tremendous amount of space.

Some triple bunk beds do not need additional mattresses while they have been assembled. They may however need box springs of Bunkie boards when they are separated. The triple bunk bed will give you a good amount of storage space located under the bunk beneath. This is not a normal characteristic of this bunk bed but you can buy the storage boxes separately. In case you buy a triple bunk bed that is not separated or movable and has a bunk bed on top then make sure there is a ladder attached to help your children climb to the top. The bed ladders which are movable are mostly less strong than the permanent ones and must thus be checked on a regular basis for any weaknesses. This gives a lot more independence when decorating your room.

It is required under the laws of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSA) that there be a two foot space between the light accessories, ceilings or ceiling fans and your top bunk. This is very important if you have a ceiling that is quite near to where you are placing your triple bunk bed. If it is proving difficult, then check whether you can adjust the height to make sure it is in conformity with the standards of the CPSA.  The maximum weight capacity of the top bunk varies from about 150 pounds to about 350 pounds. The bed should not give any problems if they are to be used by children. It will be good to provide your child with a triple bunk bed which can support a weight far heavier than him. This will ensure the safety of the child.

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