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Hammocks Are The Perfect Way to Get Away From Your Troubles and Stress After a Long Day

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Once you have spent an afternoon in a hammock you will agree that it is a relaxing and joyful experience. Hammocks are the perfect way to get away from your troubles and stress after a long day at work. Today, there are many experts who push the importance of daily relaxation and meditation. They feel the opportunity to unwind, and relax is healthy and imperative for the body.

Many people experience the pure joy of the hammock for the first time while vacationing at a resort, mountain retreat, or tropical paradise for a week. Many people will purchase a hammock for their own home once they have tasted the relaxation and comfort of lying on a hammock. Because of this, hammocks are growing tremendously in popularity in the past few years.
Hammocks are an excellent way to unwind in your backyard or garden and enjoy the beautiful world around you. With the recent popularity of home decor, many people are using to hammocks for additional seating and/or a bold and unique design to outdoor living areas.

Hammocks are not just used for the outdoors. Many people have put hammocks in their homes. Hammocks are fun in kids rooms, rec rooms or family rooms. A hammock can become a focal point in for any room of your home.

Hammocks have been around since ancient times. Dating back to over 1,000 years ago, hammocks were first made by the Mayan Indians dwelling in the Yucatan Peninsula region of Mexico.

Mayan hammocks are amount the most popular hammocks sold today. This style hammock comes from Mexico and Central America. Mayan hammocks aren't the only popular imported hammock; gorgeous hand-made hammocks from Brazil, Nicaragua, and many other South American countries are also extremely popular.

Hammocks are available in three different varieties. Each comes in many vibrant colors and weaves.

Known for their extreme comfort, the first style is the rope hammock which is usually made with cotton or polyester rope. Rope hammocks are great to hang from trees or to place on a hammock stand. Just remember that the smaller the spaces between the ropes, the more comfortable the hammock will be. Some people don't like the waffle pattern this type of hammock imprints on your body, so they use a pad or blanket on top of the hammock. People who do this will not get to experience the greatest asset of the rope hammock which is its natural ventilation. This ventilation comes from the open weave of the hammock. This is why the rope hammock is perfect for hot and humid areas of the world.

Most rope hammocks are extremely sturdy and durable. They can usually hold up to 450 pounds of weight! To prevent mold and mildew, it is imperative to treat your rope hammocks with a protective spray. This is extremely important when the weather is hot and humid. Synthetic rope hammocks last longer and don't require the protective spray. The cotton hammock is definitely the most comfortable option.

Fabric hammocks are great because they are low maintenance. This style of hammock comes in cotton, quilted fabric, or mesh. The closed weave of a fabric hammock provides a strong surface. The downfall to these hammocks is that the closed weave can get a bit uncomfortable in hot, humid and sticky weather. These fabric options are often from Brazil.

Fabric hammocks are light weight which makes them much simpler to move and set up than the rope hammock. Unless you have chosen a synthetic fabric hammock that repeals water, a fabric hammock will soak up any water and moisture. Fabric hammocks are perfect for the yard, deck, or even by the poolside.

The last type is the string hammock. The string hammock was the first hammock and was made by the Mayan Indians. These hammocks have a web-like design and are hand-woven even today.

The string hammock is supportive and extremely flexible. The open weave allows for good ventilation. These hammocks are very lightweight they are often used by hunters, hikers, backpackers, or anyone who needs a portable hammock for sleeping.

The hammock is not only relaxing, it is also the perfect escape after a long hard day. Choose which type of hammock suits you and be prepared to enjoy your hammock day after day. You'll feel like you've been swept away to a tropical paradise!

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Hammocks are the Perfect Tool for Relaxation
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