Trade Resources Industry Knowledge You Don't Have to Exile Your Current Bookcases to The Reuse and Recycle Bin

You Don't Have to Exile Your Current Bookcases to The Reuse and Recycle Bin

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You don't have to exile your current bookcases to the reuse and recycle bin. We give you a few easy ways to update and coordinate your existing bookcases with new purchases.

Customizing an Existing Bookcase
We live in our homes so long, the things in it become, well, part of the woodwork.
Bringing in new furnishings can be akin to opening the windows in spring time, but when we do, our existing items can sometimes seem old or tired. So, if you're in the market for a new bookcase for a room in which one already stands, here are a few ways to match the old with the new.

Refinish wood bookcases. For quick refinishing of natural or previously stained (and subsequently worn) wood, clean, or strip, your bookcase using paint thinner and a lump of steel wool. Scrub with the grain of the wood and gently wipe the bookcase dry. Then stain the bookcase by wiping the color of your choice on with a rag. Let the bookcase dry and apply another coat of stain, if desired, and a lacquer finish.

Paint wood bookcases. Sand any existing finish off your bookcase, being sure to sand out any irregularities present in the finish (if you don't, these can show up after you apply fresh paint). Paint your bookcase in the color of your choice.

Apply contact paper. Dress up the inner areas of enclosed shelves with decorative contact paper. Cut the paper to size, peel off the backing and adhere to the bookcase.

Change your hardware. If your current bookcase has cabinet doors or drawers, update their look with new drawer pulls or doorknobs. Simply unscrew your old hardware and screw on the new for an instant and inexpensive facelift.

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