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The edge of the affordability crisis, the UK energy tottering

New research has shown that despite the recent sub-zero temperatures in the last few weeks, seven out of ten households have gone without heating in order to save on their energy bills.

The study shows the high price that consumers have had to pay this winter to save money as Britain teeters on the edge of an energy affordability crisis.

Figures compiled by uSwitch found that 69 per cent have gone without heating at some point this winter as a way of keeping their energy costs down, while 35 per cent admitted that cutting back is affecting their quality of life or health.

Britain has had to deal with escalating energy price increases in recent months with all of the big six suppliers in the UK raising their tariffs.

People might want to look into different ways of trying to reduce the amount of energy their houses use so they can have the heating on all the time.

There are a few things that consumers can do, such as installing energy efficient ceiling light fittings that will not guzzle as much energy as traditional incandescents.

A total of 81 per cent of consumers stated that their household energy is unaffordable in the UK.

Recent figures from the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group found that as many as 300,000 more households were in fuel poverty this year, when compared with 12 months earlier.

Director of consumer policy at uSwitch Ann Robinson said when it comes to household energy, Britain has run into an affordability crisis, which is leaving people going cold.

"The cost of energy is now so high that households are going without heating in the depths of winter for fear of running up a large bill. This severe level of rationing can have serious consequences.

"Average household energy bill today is £1,352 a year. Grid upgrade costs and Government policies could see this increase to over £1,400 a year."

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Despite Freezing Temperatures '7 in 10 Have Gone Without Heating'
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