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Garden Decor Can Make Your Garden The Showpiece of Your Entire Yard

The Right Garden Decor to Transform Your HomeGarden decor can make your garden the showpiece of your entire yard. With the right decorating choices, you can draw attention to your favorite flowers, add drama to a dull corner and make the garden more interesting. Here are a few ideas for dressing up your garden with beautiful, whimsical and interesting décor.

Add Drama with Height

Invest in a few tall decorative trees to draw attention to a bench, or get a tall fountain that will soar above your beautiful spring flowers. You don’t always have to purchase décor. A simple lamppost at the end of your driveway can become a stunning focal point when it’s surrounded by a flowerbed featuring climbing vines, bold colors and a mixture of textures.

Welcome to the Garden with a Bold Statement

Use a sweet little gate or archway to welcome guests to the garden. It invites people in and lets them know that they are entering someplace wonderful and relaxing. When you want to create your own personal getaway and oasis, start by clearly defining the garden and taking more pride in it with a gate.

The Comfort of Running Water

Life giving water is also a source of comfort and beauty when added to the garden through birdbaths or fountains. The gentle tinkle of running water is soothing, and it will also promote your garden to birds and butterflies looking for a fresh The Right Garden Decor to Transform Your Home_1water source. Choose a taller fountain to add height and drama, or keep it short and simple if you are trying to decorate an area that just needs a little more interest.

Games of Relaxation

If you have the space, consider turning part of your garden into an area for games. Nothing will delight the family like a life-size chessboard. Use lightweight potted plants as playing pieces for a game of chess you can drag out for weeks. Invest in a Japanese sand garden for a relaxing activity that will melt away the stress of your busy life. Consider a fun little putting course for bocce ball featuring colorful low border plants. The garden doesn’t just have to be for show. With the right décor, it will also be for entertainment and relaxing.

Take a Second Look with Recycling

Recycle unexpected items to encourage people to take a second look. An old garden wagon that’s in disrepair becomes a wonderful raised planting bed that is both interesting and functional. Larger children’s toys become fantastic centerpieces when cleaned up and strategically placed in the garden. Antique milk pails and bins also make great garden planters. Even the base of a chair can become a planter with a little creativity.

Hidden Whimsical Delights

Not everything in the garden has to stand out. When you want family and friends to stroll through the plants, invite them to do so by hiding whimsical additions around the garden. A gnome along the back of the garden can encourage them to continue the hunt. Dancing ceramic earthworms or clever dinosaur bones will delight children of all ages, and angels or fairies can be waiting around any corner.

Sit Back and Relax

Be sure to include a few benches or even a hammock in the garden. You want to enjoy the garden, and that means spending a little time in it. Provide a place for people to sit and linger, and you will be thrilled when they decide to so.

Have fun with your garden decorating. It shouldn’t just be about the plants and brilliant colors. With the addition of whimsical designs, tall features and water, you can make your garden a beautiful centerpiece and source of pride. Include games and resting places to encourage family and friends to visit the garden and stay for a little while.


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The Right Garden Decor to Transform Your Home
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