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Where Would The World Be Without Awnings?




Featured Design Element: Modern Awnings

Where would the world be without awnings? Folks would get soaked trying to get into their homes in a rain storm. Front rooms would get hot due to the unforgiving sun pouring right in. Some building facades would look boring. Awnings are hardly a new invention, and while we like a good vintage one, we sure love a nice modern one.

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What does an awning have to look like to be considered modern? We?re not entirely sure, but we know it probably involves sleek lines, innovative materials, and breaking the mold on what images the word ?awning? evokes. We think these few we?ve found fit real snugly in that mold.

Featured Design Element: Modern Awnings_3

So what would you prefer? A classic awning with vintage style, or a sleek modern awning (which by the looks of some of these, might not even do that well of a job keeping sun/rain off of you)? Tell us in the comments whether you're a modern awning fan or not!


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Featured Design Element: Modern Awnings
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