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Your Small Garden Is a Haven From The Worries of The Bigger World

Your small garden is a haven from the worries of the bigger world. A place of relaxation and concentration, your small garden offers many benefits. It calms the senses with a pleasant visual and the soothing sound of trickling water, plants add a sense of vitality and life to your garden, while stones offer a sense of being grounded and a dependable foundation. A small garden can be on a balcony or patio, or in an atrium or small corner of the yard. Wherever you choose to locate your small garden, you will be sure to enjoy it.

Because small gardens are small, the fountain you add to your small garden will also need to be relatively small – or at least smaller than your garden. A wall fountain is a good choice for those who have walls in their gardens. They can be classic Roman fountains or something more modern. Wall fountains, like other fountains, self-contain water that it recycles through a pump.

A small, tiered fountain is a classic design that is sure to bring liveliness to your garden. Tiered fountains make an ideal place for birds to get water and bathe. Or a small, jar fountain would look lovely hidden among some plants. Do you want your fountain to be the centerpiece of the garden, or would you like to add it as a side treasure? You may wish to carefully arrange plants, either potted or in the ground, around your water fountain. They can be ferns, flowers, or even herbs – whatever you fancy.

After you have chosen your fountain and ordered it, set up will be very easy. Simply follow the instructions that accompany the fountain, written in everyday language for you to understand. Installing the fountain is not complicated at all. Since your fountain is in the garden, water it when you water your plants. This will keep the water level high enough so that the pump does not burn out. To keep the pump running smoothly, make sure that it is always completely submerged under water. Since the water evaporates over time, you'll need to continuously add water, which will only take a minute every few days.

Your small garden will be a great place for you to relax and unwind, especially with the addition of a water fountain. You may wonder how you ever did without a water fountain. Now that you have your fountain, sit back and enjoy the peace and comfort that it brings.

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How to Add a Fountain to a Small Garden
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