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Take a Look Closer and You Will Find Traces of The Ubiquitous Trend

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Don't you feel that lately fashion and design in general tends to come back in cycles but each time with certain characteristics of the times we live in.I like to think that everything spins in a circle and nothing is really over because in this cyclic universe nothing has a beginning or an end.The reason I brought this up is because I saw this frame cluster and instantly memories came as flashbacks. Take a look closer and you will find traces of the ubiquitous trend transposed in something that can be really useful with a special design.

Frames Wall Shelving System

This structure is meant to be mounted on a wall and the combination of nested squares and other geometrical forms like rectangles ensure a perfect place for storing books. Gerard de Hoop imagined this wall shelving system made of lacquered fiberboard, and the color you see in the pictures is black because this looked better on the white brick wall but fear not because the thing can be very easily customized starting from the color and going on with the materials used to build it.


Frames Wall Shelving System_1

Frames Wall Shelving System_2

Frames Wall Shelving System_3

In this way you can have something that will look perfect in every room and style possible.I personally like it very and if you put the problem of space, or the lack of it like I did because I'm living in an apartment remain calm, because after you install the unit you will be surprised of the space and you can get rid of the old shelves that used to hold your books.

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Frames Wall Shelving System
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