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We summarized 5 key factors you need to know separately for diesel generators and solar generators. Also, you can find some related product recommendations and raw material prices from November.
StarTube:EP11 Generator Industry
Diesel Generator Factors
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Solar Generator Factors
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Generator Products
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Check 5 important factors for choosing a diesel generator here. 3 types of photovoltaic panels for solar generators and other equipments required. Strictly verified suppliers with best quality products on different price level. Producer price index of November finally witnessed a generally stable flow.
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Diesel Generator Factors

In general, there are five important factors when it comes to choosing a diesel generator: capacity for it appliance purpose, modularity potential, control system, burning efficiency with autonomy and its placement. All these need to be addressed before a decision is made.

  • The size of the generator needs to fit the actual working capacity

Due to the fact that starting a motor or a transformer takes high inrush current which can be six times or even more compared with the full load current, the common practice is to choose generators that can handle the starting kVA required by its appliance purpose.


However, this practice not only often leads to investing oversized generators and costing more than necessary, but also ignores other key factors that matters for the generator’s size like variable frequency drives and sequential starting of motors.


There are also more concerns if the generator is not sized properly. Large voltage and frequency dips caused by this can hurt motors, transformers and other loads connected to the generator.


Currently, there are two options for generators to solve the problem: permanent magnet or auxiliary winding. Both can equip the generator with three times its normal current to cope with the need for inrush peaks. There are also more advanced options like a digital automatic voltage regulator or a close before excitation system.


In conclusion, it’s not necessary to buy a generator larger than necessary, and it is also possible to lower fuel consumption and maintenance fees using new tech gadgets.

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  • Generators with expandable abilities can be very useful in many ways

Despite the purchasing quantity of a certain time, diesel generators with modular expansion capability should be given extra attention. Plug-and-use generators can be very flexible according to power requirements. Moreover, others can make sure the power output is stable when some unit is not functioning, making the whole maintenance operation much easier


  • Power management system can be helpful with generators

Control system is designed to monitor and program the generator. With a well-designed system, remote start, states display, fuel burning ratio as well as a wide range of data should come in handy and generator efficiency would be improved accordingly.


The power management system applied on the diesel generators allows easy and rapid adjustments can be made to the generator. Beyond optimize fuel consumption according to local demand, it also reduces low load damage to the generator and increases its working life-span.


  • High fuel burning efficiency generators can save a lot of money over time

Latest innovations and improvements have already helped generators consume much less fuel compared with 5 or 4 years ago. Yet, it’s still not a universal trait for generators and fuel can be very expensive. Asking a few manufacturers for a fuel consumption forecast can be very helpful and it’s recommended to combine this character with expansion abilities.


Modular capability also affects fuel efficiency. A 1 MVA generator can be replaced by three 325 kVA generators where approximately 100 liters of fuel can be saved. The rough number on annual saving is $35000 in fuel and even more in carbon emission.

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  • Don’t forget to take physical size of the generator into account

Whether a certain generator can be towed or loaded on a truck is something often tend to be ignored but actually make a lot of sense before making decisions.  Questions like how many containers are required, can multiple units be stacked, how long it will take for installation will always pay-off when it comes to actual practice.

Pros and cons of different types of solar panels


Basically, there are three types of photovoltaic panels for the market: monocrystalline, polycrystalline (multicrystaline) and thin-film. They provide different levels of performance in efficiency, flexibility, solar cell makeup, size and cost which can greatly influence purchasing decisions.






Highest efficiency and best performance

Highest price


Cheaper price compared with monocrystalline

Lower efficiency than monocrystalline


Portable and flexible

Lower efficiency than monocrystalline


For limited surface area, efficiency should be on top of the concern list. In which case, monocrystalline would be ideal.

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  • Other equipment required in a solar panel system

Inverter: this component converts direct current(DC) into alternating current(AC), most options will be string inverters or microinverters


Battery: the battery can store excess energy for future use, this is especially important considering the night time


Solar charge controller: this controller regulates voltage and prevents overcharging batteries.


  • Key factors for solar generators

Battery capacity: battery capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh). The larger it is , the longer the generator can work without recharging.


Power output: besides the capacity, it’s equally important to know the power output which is measured in watts. This parameter should be larger than necessary to power up the appliances.


Inverter rating: the inverter provides vital function for the generator. It serves as the component that can turn solar energy into AC electricity. Inverter rating and battery capacity together decide how much power you can get from the generator.


Outlet number: the number of appliances that need to charge determines the functionality of the generator. It’s absolutely troublesome to bring extra extender.

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  • Having a solar battery bank can solve quite a lot of trouble

When solar panel collect energy from the sunlight, it produces direct current (DC) electricity and then the inverter turns it into alternating current (AC).  Most solar systems are connected to the local power grid, which means excess power produced by the solar is fed to the grid and the net gives credits back in return. Meanwhile, the grid will send power back if solar system does not produce enough energy.


The presence of a solar battery bank offers solution for power shortage, whether it is cloudy day, after dark or even extreme weather when the power grid is not functioning. It is also useful for prolonged power outages.

Here are some product for diesel generators and solar generators, our suppliers are strictly verified on the platform and they offer best quality product on different price level. Click contact now to see more.

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After a long period of rising, producer price index of November finally witnessed a generally stable flow. Mining and Washing of Coal business finally meet a decrease after 7 months’ increase, you can check the rest here.

Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
Producer Price Index for Industrial Products (preceding month=100) Nov 2021 Oct 2021 Sep 2021
Total 100.0 102.5 101.2
Mining and Washing of Coal 95.1 120.1 112.1
Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas 106.5 106.0 99.1
Mining and Processing of Ferrous Metal Ores 93.7 91.1 91.3
Mining and Processing of Non-Ferrous Metal Ores 100.3 100.6 101.0
Mining and Processing of Non-metal Ores 101.1 101.4 100.4
Mining and Support Activities 99.8 99.9 95.5
Processing of Food from Agricultural Products 101.4 100.2 99.9
Manufacture of Foods 100.9 100.4 100.2
Manufacture of Liquor, Beverages and Refined Tea 100.1 99.7 100.0
Manufacture of Tobacco 100.1 100.0 100.0
Manufacture of Textile 101.2 101.3 100.4
Manufacture of Textile, Wearing Apparel and Accessories 100.4 100.4 100.2
Manufacture of Leather, Fur, Feather and Related Products and Footwear 100.3 100.1 100.0
Processing of Timber, Manufacture of Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, Palm and Straw Products 100.6 101.0 100.4
Manufacture of Furniture 100.3 100.1 100.5
Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products 101.3 100.5 100.1
Printing and Reproduction of Recording Media 100.3 100.1 99.9
Manufacture of Articles for Culture, Education, Arts and Crafts, Sport and Entertainment Activities 100.5 99.8 100.2
Processing of Petroleum, Coal and Other Fuels 101.7 107.3 103.3
Manufacture of Raw Chemical Materials and Chemical Products 100.7 106.1 102.0
Manufacture of Medicines 100.4 100.4 99.7
Manufacture of Chemical Fibres 100.4 103.5 98.7
Manufacture of Rubber and Plastics Products 100.7 101.3 100.1
Manufacture of Non-metallic Mineral Products 101.8 106.9 102.9
Smelting and Pressing of Ferrous Metals 95.2 103.5 101.8
Smelting and Pressing of Non-ferrous Metals 98.8 103.6 102.9
Manufacture of Metal Products 100.1 100.9 100.7
Manufacture of General Purpose Machinery 100.0 100.4 100.2
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery 100.0 100.3 100.1
Manufacture of Automobiles 100.2 100.1 100.2
Manufacture of Railway, Ship, Aerospace and Other Transport Equipments 100.3 100.1 100.1
Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and Apparatus 100.4 100.7 100.5
Manufacture of Computers, Communication and Other Electronic Equipment 99.8 100.1 100.0
Manufacture of Measuring Instruments and Machinery 99.9 100.0 99.9
Other Manufacture 100.7 100.0 100.1
Utilization of Waste Resources 99.8 101.0 101.9
Repair Service of Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment 99.4 99.7 100.3
Production and Supply of Electric Power and Heat Power 101.9 100.5 100.4
Production and Supply of Gas 104.1 101.3 102.5
Production and Supply of Water 99.9 100.2 100.0
Data Sources: National Bureau of Statistics
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