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Cooperate with Foreign Chambers of Commerce, Build a Bridge for Held a Business Party

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Cooperating with China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil (CCIBC) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia (CCIWA), held an international business party in Guangzhou Shangri-la Hotel on April 17, 2010.

There are more than 120 Chinese suppliers and 80 international buyers participating in this party. Mr. Joseph Wong, Vice President of, as the sponsor, made a speech to welcome all merchants coming to Guangzhou for sharing business opportunities. Then, Mr. Stephen Philips (President of CBBC), Mr. Bob Manning from UK Trade & Investment, and Ms. Uta (Executive Director of CCIBC) also made their own speech in this business party. Transfer from "Made in China" to "Made with China" As the President of China-Britain Business Council, Mr. Stephen Philips introduced that Britain is the country that contributes the largest investment to China in EU. With the aim of helping UK companies develop business with China, China-Britain Business Council devotes themselves to assist UK companies to know and get into Chinese market and ensure their success and sustainable development in China.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies are growing fast in going global and also give new energy to the world economy. So China-Britain Business Council is also active in introducing more and more quality Chinese companies to go global and providing them with various professional services. Mr. Stephen Philips hopes that this business party can promote the communication among all traders and offer a good communication platform for business negotiation. Mr. Bob Manning from UK Trade & Investment told us that the China has closer relations with UK, Europe and the world day by day. Many products integrate with “UK design” and "Made in China", or they are made by UK and China together. Investment from Chinese companies in UK market is also increasing year by year. In the last year, via the help from UK Trade & Investment, more than 60 Chinese companies set up their laboratories, branches or sales network in UK. He is very optimistic about the future of Chinese companies in UK market. As for the increase in cost of products made in China, Mr. Manning also showed us their own opinions. He told us that after the increase in cost of products made in China, the price is no longer the biggest advantage. But the management level, creditable management ideas and perfect product authentication in Chinese companies can also be important advantages. High cost-performance of products made in China will also ensure the position of "Made in China".

Mr. Manning supports the view relating to industrial structure adjustment among Chinese companies to produce more and more products with high cost-performance and complete the industrial upgrading, which may also promote long-term cooperation between Chinese companies and UK companies. As Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil (CCIBC), Ms. Uta mentioned our President Hu Jintao's visit to Brazil. She said that with our President Hu Jintao’s visit to Brazil, the trade between Brazil and China would be closer and closer. Now, Brazil has great demands of medical instruments, auto parts, metals and tools, construction and building materials. She is very optimistic about the future of cooperation between Brazil companies and Chinese companies. Suppliers reached preliminary cooperation intention with buyers This business party gained good recognition from Chinese suppliers who attended the events. Most of suppliers reached preliminary cooperation intention with buyers in the same trade, and they would keep in touch with each other for further communication. One supplier in the filed of machinery told us that he had communicated with the buyers from Brazil, UK and Australia, introduced product features to them, and reached preliminary cooperation intention with two of them. Ms. Xiao, who comes from Wenzhou, is engaged in valves. She told us that most of their customers were returning customers and she wanted to develop some new customers, so she came to this business party. She was very active in the party, and through the recommendation and introduction by, she found good partner in this party. Mr. Wang, who comes from Fujian, works in Zhongyu Group, a listed company in German. He told us that he wanted to develop his business and build brand image, so he came to this business party. In the party, he exchanged his name card with many representatives from chambers of commerce. By exchanging their name cards with Ms. Uta (Executive Director of CCIBC) and Mr. Stephen Philips (President of CBBC), many suppliers hope to find business partners in Brazil and UK under the help from chambers of commerce. Improve the Service for Better Matching Mr. Huang Liangfa, as Vice President of, introduced that held many similar international business parties before, and received many opinions from traders to improve the form of events and promotion effectiveness.

After this business party, a manufacture being engaged in stage lights/LED lights advises to subdivide the industry into many sub-industries to improve the pertinence in party. Some other suppliers hope to make a speech so that all present buyers can have a general understanding of them. As for the above feedback, Mr. Huang Liangfa said that in the future, they would continuously improve the effectiveness of business party to build better and effective bridge for both suppliers and buyers.

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