Trade Resources Canton Sourcing Season Seize the Opportunity, Understand UK Market -- China-Britain Business Banquet Report

Seize the Opportunity, Understand UK Market -- China-Britain Business Banquet Report

At the end of November, held another offline activity after the Argentina and Korea events. From 6 P. M. To 9: 30 P. M., November 18th, Made-in-China. Com corporately held a business banquet with UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) & SWRDA (Southwest England’s Economic Development Agency) in Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel. There are more than 30 British government officials, chamber members and businesspersons from UKTI, SWRDA, and 3 more British chambers & institutes in Guangdong. Made-in-China. Com also brought more than 30 Chinese business leaders to attend this banquet. This activity won a high degree of praise from both Chinese and British participants. There were mainly two parts of this event. Firstly, Made-in-China. Com’s representative and parts of the UK members gave the brief introductions. Then it was the time for participants communicating and having dinner. It is worth mentioning that many participants started to talk before the banquet. Mr. Dou,'s new member, said that he was focus on the trading and orders, but ignored collecting resources before. Through this event, he noticed that he should pay more attention to other areas related to the trading, such as the market and human resources. After the event, he said that this is a perfect activity during which he learned a lot of the British market and wish to attend more activities in the future.

Mr. Xia has been's member for several years. He showed great enthusiasm to the event and shared his successful experiences of promoting in Made-in-China. Com. Mr. Xia also concluded many good methods of doing e-commerce promotion and would like to share with other's members. Tony from UKTI, one of the organizers of this event said that he was really happy to see so many Chinese people to participant in this banquet, it was successful. Pani from the UK mission sent an email to's stuff, showing his willingness to cooperate with Made-in-China. com. Furthermore, many UK chambers and institutes showed their interests to build a friendly bridge with This banquet was the first cooperation between and SWRDA, which made all the participants highly satisfied. It did not only offer a pleasant and free communication environment to the Chinese and British people, but also make many be friends and business partners. In December, will invite the manager of SWRDA Shenzhen office to join in their training activities and gave speeches to's members. It is believe that will hold more splendid events in the future. Buyer Service Department

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