Trade Resources Business Cooperation Project Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!

Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!

Are you in Cologne, the Cathedral city? Come and see at SPOGA+GAFA!

During Aug. 31st to Sept. 2nd, has been holding an event named "All-Ways Expo Sourcing " at exhibition. Global buyers have received qualified supplier recommendations, authoritative supplier evaluation, as well as “Supplier Matching”activities there.

Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!

"All-Ways Expo Sourcing "  enabled global buyers and suppliers a brand-new exhibition experience. “Product Showcase” and “Supplier Videos” provide buyers more choices and potential opportunities in and out of the show.

Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!_1

“Passport of” and “Fast Match” help buyers to know more and get more from our buyer services.

Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!_2

Many buyers come to our booth and enjoy our various quality services

Come and See at SPOGA+GAFA!_3

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