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US Judge Rules GM's Faulty Ignition Switch Not Responsible for New Orleans Crash

A New York jury has ruled that a faulty ignition switch in General Motors’ car was not responsible for the accident that happened in 2014 on an icy New Orleans bridge.

As per the ruling, GM is also not re quired to pay any damages the persons have claimed in their lawsuit for sustaining injuries in that crash.

The claimants -Dionne Spain and Lawrence Barthelemy- suffered back injuries in an accident in 2014 while driving a 2007 Saturn Sky. The persons had alleged that the accident was due to flawed ignition switch in the car.

Arguing the accident as minor, GM said that it occurred due to presence of ice on the bridge. The jury ruled in favor of GM, citing weather conditions as the most likely reason for the accident.

However, the jury found the 2007 Saturn Sky car used by the plaintiffs as unreasonably dangerous, as there was glitch in ignition switch.

"The jurors studied the merits of the case and saw the truth: this was a very minor accident that had absolutely nothing to do with the car's ignition switch," The Associated Press quoted GM as saying in a statement

"The evidence was overwhelming that this accident -- like more than 30 others that occurred in the same area that night -- was caused by the driver losing control on an icy bridge during a state-wide winter weather emergency."

GM is currently facing many lawsuits which allege the defects, including faulty ignition switch, in its cars have caused injuries or death.

In September last year, the automaker said that it had paid $275m to settle 1,385 death and injury cases.


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