Trade Resources Company News Foton Motor Overseas Strategy Are Blossoming in Africa

Foton Motor Overseas Strategy Are Blossoming in Africa

Foton Motor overseas strategy are blossoming in Africa. And their KD plant in Kenya has finished and the assembly line are over 10,000 square meters with full refitting and test ability. And the new plant is rather important for Foton vehicles influences for local markets as well as five nations of East Africa.

Currently Foton Motor is implementing “5+3+1” strategy, that is to build KD plants with annual output over 100,000 units in India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, and they will break into North America, Europe and Japan and South Korea markets and have world headquarter in China with innovation center, business management and operation center to make sure leading position in China. This year Foton Motor will build 16 KD plants and the number will be 52 units till 2015 in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa and Middle and South America, and their local operation and production ability as well as products' competitiveness will improve with more and more KD plants finished.

"Foton Motor is under fully upgrades on overseas strategy, and we want to go further and better, " said Huo Yan, and China auto makers are purchasing volumes instead of quality and profits and now we are changing the situation to improve our brand reputations. This time we are not only building a KD plant in Kenya but also providing complete transport solutions for the country so that the transport, city traffic jam and environments will be improved as time goes by and this will light China auto makers on their overseas markets to some extent. In addition, Foton Motor will also improve sales channels and after sales services according to customers' needs.

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Foton Motors to Set 52 KD Plants Worldwide