Trade Resources Company News Tomlinson's Dairies to Invest GBP14m to Expand Minera Facility

Tomlinson's Dairies to Invest GBP14m to Expand Minera Facility

Tomlinson’s Dairies has announced that it will invest £14m to expand its milk processing plant in Minera, Wales.

The expansion plan comes in wake of bagging a supply contract from Sainsbury for its stores in Wales and also in some parts of England, reported the Leader.

The Welsh dairy company is looking to expand its plant in three stages.

In the first stage, it will expand its cold storage area besides creating additional office accommodation.

Upon approval, the first and the second phases of the expansion are expected to create a total of 53 new jobs. Another seven jobs will be added in the final phase relating to the production of milk bottles in the facility.

While the dairy has enough production capacity to create more milk, its present cold storage is not enough to meet the increased demand following the Sainsbury’s supply contract.

Since 2012, Tomlinson’s Dairies has been operating on a 70,000ft2 facility which has a production capacity of more than 100 million litres of milk a year. It currently has 170 employees as reported by the BBC.

The dairy company is expected to get a grant from Wrexham Council’s planning committee to meet financing needs for the expansion.

In May this year, British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s gave supplier contracts to two additional milk processors Tomlinson’s Dairies and Medina. The contracts would be in effect from July 2017 till 2020.

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