Trade Resources Company News Excelitas Has Launched The Surface Mount 905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser

Excelitas Has Launched The Surface Mount 905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser

Excelitas Technologies of Waltham, MA, USA, which provides customized optoelectronics to OEMs, has launched the Surface Mount 905nm Pulsed Semiconductor Laser as the latest addition to its family of pulsed laser diodes. With high optical pulses centered at a wavelength of 905nm, the laser is designed specifically for high-volume applications such as range finders, safety light curtains and laser therapy.

The 905nm pulsed laser diode chip has monolithically grown layers that concentrate the emitting source size and create three emitting active areas. On average, the lasers produce 70W of peak optical output power when operated at 30A on a triple-cavity version, with single-, dual- and quad-cavity variants also available. The laser chip is mounted on an FR4 substrate, a leadless laminate carrier, which offers thermal management and power stability with temperature. In addition, the chip is protected by an optically clear hard epoxy coating.

“As a cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing-ready solution, this product allows us to offer customers the specific solutions they need to increase productivity and automate complex manufacturing processes,” says Michael Ersoni, senior VP & general manager of Excelitas’ global detection business.

Intended for surface-mount application or hybrid integration, the laser can be precisely mounted by automated equipment, reducing labor and time constraints. It is also capable of emitting light in a plane that is parallel or perpendicular to the mounting surface for easy integration into various OEM designs.

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Excelitas Launches Surface-Mount 905nm Pulsed Laser for High-Volume Applications