Trade Resources Company News Hain Celestial to Acquire UK-Based Natural Sweeteners Company Clarks

Hain Celestial to Acquire UK-Based Natural Sweeteners Company Clarks

The Hain Celestial Group, a US-based organic and natural products company, has agreed to acquire Clarks UK, a sweetener, syrup and dessert sauce business, for an undisclosed price.

The acquisition will be done through Hain Daniels, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hain Celestial.

Clarks is a UK-based company which manufactures natural sweeteners under the Clarks brand. Its products include maple syrup, date and agave syrups, and honey and carob.

Clarks’ products are sold across retail stores and also used by food service and industrial customers across the UK.

The company, which is headquartered in Newport, South Wales, earned around £7m in net sales in 2016.

Post acquisition, Hain Celestial intends to expand the Clarks brand development in the UK and continental Europe.

Hain Celestial founder, president and CEO Irwin Simon said: “The Clarks brand and products are a strategic fit with the Hain Daniels spreads business for various natural sweeteners applications to complement our health and wellness portfolio of brands as consumers continue to seek to reduce their sugar intake and look for better-for-you alternatives to refined sugar.”

According to Hain Daniels CEO James Skidmore, the transaction would help the company gain significant opportunities to develop its natural sweeteners business further.

Skidmore added: “The strength of the Clarks brand puts it in a strong position to capitalize on the growing consumer trends towards more natural and healthier foods."

Based in the UK, Hain Daniels manufactures Sun-Pat peanut butter, Hartley’s jam, Robertson’s marmalade and Gale’s honey among other brands.

Earlier in the year, Hain Celestial acquired UK-based The Yorkshire Provender, a manufacturer of branded soup. The acquisition was done through Hain Celestial’s subsidiary Hain Frozen Foods UK.

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