Trade Resources Company News Domitalia Presents Its New Collections From Nature to Street Art

Domitalia Presents Its New Collections From Nature to Street Art

Domitalia presents its new collections from nature to street art at High Point, at the fair and downtown.

A double rendez vous this year for Domitalia Company for the fall edition of High Point Market: it is presenting its Fall 2014 new items in the Fair’s Palliser Building and is to be found downtown at 812 Millis for for an event conceived in cooperation with Domitalia’s US Agent to discover the new collection in a 350-square-meter set-up.   

Design, creativity, innovation, and the awareness of a contemporary approach: these are the traits and the  leitmotiv of the new design proposals for home and contract which Domitalia is presenting at High Point.

An ability to plan which has evolved along with the great themes of living and building in a parallel manner, a process which is mostly invisible and which always starts from the selection of materials.

Auckland, a table which concentrates the Company’s course from nature to modernity is the absolute novelty presented by Domitalia as a world-wide preview: its solid oak top is arranged on two mat anthracite lacquered  steel columns. And then all the pieces of the new collection take shape, ranging from concrete (a material the Romans held dear), the base element of the Urban  collection, to wood, a noble  and primeval material, with the Tree table, (as man’s spirit has its roots in nature) and with the Nordic style of the Gea and Diana chairs whose names come from the Greek mythological goddesses (Gea goddess of earth, symbol of nature, and Diana, queen of the woodlands). Subsequently there are everyday products of simple and essential expression such as the  Traffic chairs which have a coloured metal body, a distinctive sign we also find in the Cross coffee tables where the frames arises, coming out beyond the top and creates the characteristic look.  The colours, go from the brilliant metal to the soft fabric which covers Opera, a “middle-class” armchair which Pessoa would have liked, as “A man, if he has real knowledge, is able to enjoy the entire show the world offers from a chair”. But a comfortable one, at least…  

Domitalia is also presenting two products that stand out in the catalogue for their unquestioned identity: Maxim, a table you must experience any time of the day, with an elegant ceramic top, perfect for living rooms and  Sierra, a sleek and elegant stuffed chair ideal for any environment.

This year innovation starts off from a strong  leitmotiv, made  up of what is material, of contrasts, of graphic signs, of traits  we find on the display level and it brings a change aimed at communication 3.0:   the recent complete restyling of the website with clear and immediate contents, elegant and clear-cut graphics, escorts the user throughout the various sections which have descriptions and images of all of Domitalia’s production.   

High Point Market has become and has been for some time a special meeting point for Domitalia: there are two editions each year, Spring and Autumn and it represents a unique showcase for a company whose objective is to continually increase its clients to reach a widespread public and assisted by the economic situation giving a hand to European exports. 

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Domitalia Presents New Collection at High Point
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