Trade Resources Company News Foton Cummins Promoted National V Products with Service

Foton Cummins Promoted National V Products with Service

Guangdong Province as the first city group to implement the National Emission standard V is the largest ISF market of Foton Cummins in China, which delivered 91 units ISF 2.8 China Post trucks to the cities. In August, Foton Cummins and Oumark visited customers and helped solve the problem.

These post trucks equipped with Cummins ISF2.8 engine of Bosch electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel system optimized cylinder combustion to reduce PM emission. The engine uses the SCR emission line, the urea injection system adopts the air assisted and electronically controlled injector. The effect of air assisted atomization is more uniform, and the electronic controlled injection system is more accurate

Due to the distribution of these vehicles in various parts of the Guangdong post office, after-service was put forward in a lot of challenges. Foton Cummins service team visited every customer and helped them solve the problems.

During the visit, the service team knew that in the early running, the trucks were in some troubles, and the engineer solved the problems immediately under the sunshine. In fact, Foton Cummins always put service in the first position. Especially to the new product and new technology, the company often provide training and ensure to promote the market smoothly.

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