Trade Resources Company News Bentley Unveils Details of Third-Generation Continental GT Car

Bentley Unveils Details of Third-Generation Continental GT Car

Bentley has revealed all the details of its new third-generation Continental GT car ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.

The Continental GT is powered by a 6 Litre twin-turbocharged W12 TSi engine and the power produced from the engine goes through the 8 speed transmission for a quick and efficient gear change.

Bentley claims that the engine is an enhanced version of its 6 Litre engine that produces 635 PS (626 bhp) of power and 900Nm (664 lb/ft) of torque.

This power and torque from engine can propel the vehicle from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds). The Continental GT has top speed of 333 km/h (207 mph).

Continental GT is claimed to offer combined fuel economy of 23.2 mpg or 12.2 L/100 km. Compared to the previous model which offered a 19.9 mpg or 14.2 L/100 km, it is an improvement.

The vehicle has been equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive System that replaces the traditional 40:60 power delivery split between the front and rear wheels respectively, instead of varying the front-to-rear torque split that depends on the driving situation.

The vehicle will use rear-wheel drive as much as possible during normal driving for high efficiency and performance.

The interior of the vehicle is characterised by a fully digital, driver-focused and advanced instrument panel and Bentley Rotating 12.3” touchscreen Display, among other suite of innovations for the driver.

Bentley says that the all new body and materials save more than 80kg, compared to its predecessor. The vehicle’s exterior design has been such that, though it is modern, yet it still retains the classic Bentley features.

The new Continental GT will make its global debut at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show between 12 and 24 this September.

Bentley Motors chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer said: “Bentley has been at the forefront of luxury Grand Touring for nearly one hundred years. The new, third-generation Continental GT is the pinnacle of our design and engineering achievements and marks the next step in Bentley’s journey.

“We are the world leader in luxury mobility and our products and services define new luxury in the automotive world. The new Continental GT encapsulates our desire to innovate as well as celebrate our heritage and take the Bentley ownership experience to the next, unparalleled level.”

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