Trade Resources Company News Optimum Nutrition Rolls out New Protein-Rich Breakfast Options

Optimum Nutrition Rolls out New Protein-Rich Breakfast Options

Optimum Nutrition has introduced two new products designed to help make protein-rich breakfasts fast and easy and help reach fitness goals.

The respected fitness nutrition brand is shaking up tired morning routines with Optimum Nutrition Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie and Whey & Oats, innovative new start-your-day proteins available at retailers by early July.

"A complete breakfast is too important to skip. Adding a scoop of protein powder to your breakfast is an easy way to boost your protein intake in the morning. These new shake and smoothie options from ON can be made in seconds, and deliver high quality protein to help fuel your day," said personal trainer and Team ON athlete Alex Carneiro. "ON really did their homework and listened to athletes when creating the new A.M. Series – it tastes great, is super convenient and gives us six new ways to help satisfy our protein goals." 

"ON is all about innovation and giving people options to create better daily nutrition routines," said Stuart Heflin, director of North American marketing for ON. "We aim to help overcome obstacles that prevent people from staying on track for their fitness goals – that meant addressing fatigue with traditional morning nutrition options and delivering something truly different."

Both ON A.M. Series products are new combinations of traditional breakfast staples. The ON Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie combines whey protein with Greek yogurt proteins and chia for a smooth, creamy texture. ON Whey & Oats brings together whey protein, a complete protein with all the essential amino acids to help support muscle recovery and fine-milled whole oats, a complex blend of carbohydrates that provide energy to support strength and endurance, in an easy-mixing shake.

Each serving of Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie provides 20 grams of premium protein and has zero added sugar. Unlike traditional smoothies, there is no need for a blender, as the easy-to-mix formula blends smoothly with a spoon in a glass or in a shaker cup. Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie is available in three classic yogurt flavors – Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla.

Every Whey & Oats shake contains 27 grams of premium protein, plus as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal (one cup, prepared). Whey & Oats is available in three delicious breakfast bakery-inspired flavors – Vanilla Almond Pastry, Blueberry Muffin and Chocolate Glazed Donut.

ON A.M. Series supplements are available at sports nutrition retailers and online.

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