Trade Resources Company News Hainsworth Cloth Proudly Carries The Royal Warrant, Supplying Furnishing Fabrics to Queen

Hainsworth Cloth Proudly Carries The Royal Warrant, Supplying Furnishing Fabrics to Queen

Hainsworth, established in 1783 is a company passionate about innovation.  It successfully integrates the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation and product development to meet the needs of a growing and diverse global customer base.  Hainsworth cloth proudly carries the Royal Warrant, supplying furnishing fabrics to Her Majesty The Queen.

Tatham Ltd, a specialist textile engineering company based in Bradford, worked closely with Hainsworth to improve product quality and save energy in the Carding department.  A project to install new weight control on all carding machines was completed in July. 

The latest TS drive technology has also been installed on the Carding machines.  The TS drive is the most advanced system to drive and control a carding machine providing full synchronisation even at low speed.  The operator has a simple touchscreen to adjust parameters and speeds of the various card sections.
Jon Fisher, Carding engineer, states, “The new drive system enables us to adjust the speeds quickly so we can maintain a quality product to the end of each batch.  We can increase throughput at the touch of a button.  The additional doffer drive gives us greater control to ensure a consistent count is always produced”.
To maintain a consistent product weight is critical to deliver a quality yarn. TS Weight Control systems were installed on all the Carding machines to achieve this goal.  The system delivers an extremely accurate and uniform feed into the Card.  A touchscreen provides easy changes to product and production requirements, minimising downtime and improving operating efficiencies.
Adam Hainsworth, Financial Director explains, “The justification for the project was based on energy savings as the carding department is the main energy user in our factory.  By working with Tatham we have been able to improve our quality, increase productivity and at the same time achieve energy savings of approximately 45% in our carding department”. 
Tatham is a leader in textile technology that enable woollen, nonwoven and medical customers to improve their product quality, increase productivity and save energy. 

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