Trade Resources Company News AATCC Honored Retiring Aatcc Treasurer,Charles E.Gavin III for Completing Two Consecutive

AATCC Honored Retiring Aatcc Treasurer,Charles E.Gavin III for Completing Two Consecutive

On November 13,2012,AATCC honored retiring AATCC Treasurer,Charles E.Gavin III for completing two consecutive terms as treasurer of the international Association.

An AATCC member since joining Auburn University AATCC chapter in 1958,Gavin has been,and is still an active member of several AATCC technical and administrative committees.Gavin served as Chairman of the Southeastern Section in 1976-77 and as a Councilor from 1978-79,1992-93,and 1997-1998.He served as the president of the Association from 1999-2000.He was appointed treasurer of AATCC in 2003 and has served faithfully in that trusted position until the present.

Gavin began his textile career in 1959 as a shift dyer in the carpet industry for Cabin Crafts(WPP)before becoming Superintendent of Carpet Dyeing.Gavin directed several major dyeing operations during the industries expansion,which also included raw stock,space dyeing,continuous carpet operations as well as flock and garment dyeing for the fashion industry.

Gavin served as Vice-President of Carpet Manufacturing for Columbus Mills and as Vice President and Director for Cornet Industries.Under his direction,the first acid-dyed nylon carpet product line was developed and marketed as an improved replacement for disperse-dyed carpeting.This development provided a new technical direction of the carpet dyeing industry by providing products with superior colorfastness properties.

In 1981 Gavin formed MFG Chemical Inc.,Dalton,GA which served as a key supplier of chemical products to the carpet industry.MFG today continues to produce a wide range of surfactants and polymers in the three Dalton manufacturing plants which serve a broad range of industries including:Oil wells and pipe lines,mining,water treatment,personal care,paint and emulsions,and a wide range of surfactants to many industries including agriculture.Today Gavin serves as Chairman of the Board and his son Chuck is President and CEO for the Dalton operation.

Gavin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Management(Dyeing Option)in 1959 from Auburn University.His first two years at Auburn were funded by a scholarship he received from West Point-Pepperell and,as a co-op student.During his final two years,he borrowed funds and worked 40 hours per week to pay his way through college.

He was the first in his family to attend college;his father was deceased and his mother was the family’s sole provider and worked in a textile manufacturing company.The scholarship and co-op program augmented Gavin’s meager financial situation at the time.These two opportunities he later remembered as“truly a dream come true.”

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AATCC Honours Retiring Philanthropist Charles Gavin Iii
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