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LG Electronics Worked with The NCAA, CBS Sports

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Final Four inAtlanta was the first major U.S. sporting event recorded in "4K" as part of a closed-circuit demonstration in stunning Ultra High-Definition – with four times the resolution of Full HD.  For this unique one-time demonstration, LG Electronics worked with the NCAA, CBS Sports andTurner Sports to capture the action in spectacular 4K resolution for displaying game highlights on LG's award-winning 84-inch class Ultra HD TVs at private viewing locations in the Georgia Dome.

"After being the first to market with Ultra HD TVs, it only seems fitting that we'd be a part of the first major U.S. sporting event produced in 4K," said James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LG Electronics USA, an official NCAA corporate partner. "The Final Four is the perfect place to demonstrate this next frontier in picture quality as LG continues to drive the Ultra HD market."

"When we first approached our partners at LG and CBS with this idea, we recognized the unique opportunity to pair this inaugural 4K production with the 75th celebration of March Madness in Turner Broadcasting System's hometown of Atlanta," said Matt Hong , Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sports Operations, Turner Sports. "We continue to embrace innovation and look at this test of next-generation television technology as a way to potentially serve fans for decades to come." 

"CBS made high-definition sports broadcasts a reality with the Final Four in HDTV over a decade ago, and now we're leading the way into the 4K era," said Ken Aagaard, Executive Vice President, Operations, Engineering and Broadcast Services, CBS Sports. "March Madness is always filled with big moments, and this demonstration shows how Ultra HD TV can ultimately become the future of sports broadcasting and enhance the viewer's experience."

The groundbreaking demonstration builds on LG's role as the first company to commercialize Ultra HD flat-panel TV technology, launching the first model in the United States last fall. The 84-inch class (84.04 inch diagonal) model, as well as the upcoming 55- and 65-inch class (54.6- and 64.7-inch diagonal respectively) models boast exceptional picture technology that creates astonishingly vivid images with 3840 x 2160 resolution – more than 8 million pixels. In addition to displaying the awesomeness of native 4K programming, the LG TV's "Resolution Upscaler Plus" renders lower-resolution content in high detail, creating a wealth of compelling content options.

In addition to its exceptional picture quality, LG's 84-inch Ultra HD features 3D and Smart TV capability.  LG's Magic Remote allows the user to navigate the Ultra HD TV's smart onscreen interface using gestures and even voice recognition for natural speech. The LG Smart TV ecosystem now includes approximately 1,400 apps and access to a growing collection of premium content services.

LG's Ultra HD TV also features a 2.2 Sound System. Consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers, the sound system produces a lush audio experience that perfectly complements the extraordinary onscreen visuals; creating a theater-like experience in the home. The LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV is available now at selected retailers coast-to-coast, at a suggested price of $19,999.

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NCAA Final Four Captured in '4K' for First Time