Trade Resources Company News Jointly Develop a Printing Method for The Production

Jointly Develop a Printing Method for The Production

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Merck and LG Display have entered into discussion regarding the possibilty to jointly develop a printing method for the production of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, according The Korean Times.

“Merck is working together with Korea’s display manufacturer to develop ink, one of critical materials to be used in OLED displays, as the Germany firm is being pressurized to find new cash-generators,” said Fred Kim, chief investment officer (CIO) at Mido Investment in Seoul, by telephone.

LG Display spokesman Frank Lee said the two companies are teaming up in “various research-related projects,” though Lee declined to unveil more details. Merck Korean will not confirm or deny client-related issues, said The Korean Times.

Merck plans to use ink made from OLED materials to manufacturer OLED displays through a process called inkjet printing. Inkjet printing is lower in cost and has a faster production time which will in turn cut down on costs for OLED panel production.

With OLED TVs expected to take off in 2015, LG plans to invest more in flexible OLED displays, according to report in The Korean Times.

CIO Kim said Merck has already begun developing inkjet printing for mass-producing OLED TV panels in cooperation with Taiwanese panel makers, as well as the Koreans by offering materials, although he said no timetable has been set yet for mass production to begin, said The Korean Times.


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Merck and LG Display to Jointly Develop OLED Displays
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