Trade Resources Company News BCGA Concept Corp Expands Portfolio of Craft Beverages

BCGA Concept Corp Expands Portfolio of Craft Beverages

BCGA Concept Corp., which manufactures Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Brooklyn Organics, has launched Brooklyn Crafted.

Spicing up the beverage category, Brooklyn Crafted is a line of ginger ale and beers made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually SEE. The Brooklyn Crafted collection includes Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Extra Spicy Sugar Free Ginger Beer and Sugar Free Ginger Ale.

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beers and Ale is in response to consumer demand for even more zesty ginger taste, with all three SKUs designed to be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into cocktails.

With the launch of these three new flavors, BCGA Concept Corp. brings ginger lovers a spicy yet refreshing unfiltered ginger brew, crafted in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a strikingly different ginger beer, one where the simplicity of the ingredients shines through effortlessly, and drinkers can taste the freshness and authenticity.

"We created Brooklyn Crafted to offer our loyal customers the spice that they crave and the freshness that they expect," said Terry Tang, Co-founder and CEO of BCGA.

"The craft beverage industry continues to grow and consumers are searching for refreshing and unique beverages made with NATURAL ingredients. We noticed a largely untapped and growing category, specifically within the sugar free space, which presented Brooklyn Crafted with the opportunity to deliver a line of delicious ginger beers and ale."

Brooklyn Crafted makes its retail debut in select New York City retailers and online at, with national and additional online distribution rolling out Fall 2017.

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