Trade Resources Company News NovaStar 2013 Annual Product Launch Was Held Successfully in Lijingwan Hotel Beijing

NovaStar 2013 Annual Product Launch Was Held Successfully in Lijingwan Hotel Beijing

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On October 17, 2013 and October 22, 2013, NovaStar 2013 annual product launch was held successfully in Lijingwan Hotel Beijing, and Holiday Inn Downtown Shanghai.

In the product launch, the general manager Victor and marketing director Arron of NovaStar focused on the latest main products and technology, mainly including LED Display Controller MCTRL 660, Color Restoration, Hybrid Intelligent Coding, Super Speed Calibration, NovaCloud LED Display Cluster Management Solution, Nova Asynchronous LED Display Control System(Nova Pluto), Small Pitch LED Display Solution, etc. General Manager Victor and Marketing Director Arron made a detailed explanation and live demonstration of all aspects of the latest products. The humorous speech they had made won applause of the audience from time to time, the conference atmosphere came to a climax time after time.

During the launch, NovaStar also organized five exciting lucky draws, the launch had finally produced five lucky participants who would receive iPad, iPad mini, iphone5 and other awards provided by NovaStar, which made the atmosphere repeatedly came to a climax.

At last, the product launch came to a satisfactory conclusion in a warm applause and convivial atmosphere. The conference fully demonstrated NovaStar’s leading R&D level, advanced technology, and superior industry style. Numerous participants and active atmosphere reached to the anticipated results, and the product launch has achieved a great success.

About Novastar

As one of the leading LED display solution providers around the would, NovaStar commits to provide our customers with the best LED display control systems, the most advanced pixel-level LED display calibration system and the most professional software for specialized applications.

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Novastar 2013 Annual Product Launch Has Achieved a Complete Success
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