Trade Resources Company News Russia Starts Incineration of Banned Western Food Products

Russia Starts Incineration of Banned Western Food Products

Russia has started the process of destroying banned Western food products on the border days before the presidential decree ordering the same comes into force.

Signed on 29 July, the decree enters into force today and orders the destruction of food which breaches sanctions in front of witnesses, while the act is being captured to rule out corruption, the Guardian reported.

A news anchor announced on the state television: "An operation to liquidate dozens of tons of contraband pork has taken place."

The channel ran footage of customs officials apparently incinerating around 35t of Danish pork fat disguised as a Ukrainian product.

Russian food standards watchdog spokesperson Yulia Melano said the customs officials also seized 114kg of Brazilian pork on the border with Kazakhstan, and destroyed it to make livestock feed.

In 2014, Moscow placed ban on import of cheese, meat and vegetables from the European Union and other countries which have sanctioned the country over its actions in Ukraine.

Russians are still allowed to import parmesan and other banned items, if it is for personal use.

The decree failed to garner support, with more than 170,000 people having signed an online petition urging Vladimir Putin to rethink his decision to destroy food that could be used to feed pensioners, the disabled, and families living below the poverty line.



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