Trade Resources Company News Okanagan Specialty Fruits Is Acquired by Intrexon

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Is Acquired by Intrexon

American biotechnology company Intrexon has completed the acquisition of Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF), the agricultural company behind the world's first non-browning apple, Arctic apple.

British Columbia based OSF developed the non-browning apple without using any flavour-altering chemical or antioxidant additives. The firm currently specialises in developing tree fruit varieties with novel attributes.

Intrexon and OSF are planning to bring small quantities of these Arctic apples to market in late 2016.

Intrexon senior vice president Thomas R. Kasser said: "Powering the bioindustrial revolution in our Food Sector means providing an ever-growing population with easier access to healthy high-quality foods so we look forward to seeing the OSF products, along with our other programs in plants and animals, advancing sustainable bio-based solutions that improve the efficiency of food production while increasing consumer appeal and satisfaction."

In addition to the recently approved Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny apples, OSF is preparing to submit two additional apple varieties for approval - Arctic Fuji and Arctic Gala.

The firm is also developing beneficial traits in other tree fruits including peaches, cherries and pears.



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Intrexon Acquires Okanagan Specialty Fruits