Trade Resources Company News RMG Announce The Launch of Vigilant Solutions' New Website

RMG Announce The Launch of Vigilant Solutions' New Website

Rip Media Group (RMG) is proud to announce the launch of Vigilant Solutions' new website in conjunction with a new branding and video marketing strategy. Rip Media Group has been working to achieve a complete redesign of Vigilant's website, branding, and comprehensive corporate video content to support Vigilant's expansive growth in the software and data mining sector. 

"The extensive research process was key to awarding Rip Media our marketing contract," said Brian Shockley, Vigilant's Vice President of Marketing. "Using the information gathered by the Rip Media team, it was very clear that Rip Media Group staff succinctly identified Vigilant's challenges. As a result, Rip Media Group offered customer-facing solutions that proved to be an immediate success in achieving Vigilant's mission. The difference is more than notable, and we credit the Rip Media Group team as a valued partner who continues to make significant contributions to our growth."
"Rip Media Group has provided an extensive website solution, executed a complete company rebrand strategy, offered multiple variations of company logos & color schemes to match buyer profiles, and has produced an enormous amount of video content. We believe that the Rip Media Group efforts streamline our sales process and shorten associated sales cycles. Simply put, they have done a superior job," said Vigilant's Vice President of Sales, Joe Harzewski. "The whiteboard animation videos (aka 'video scribe', 'speed drawing', or 'sketch board animation') that Rip Media Group created for Vigilant has transformed Vigilant's message from complex to simple, making it easy for our customers to absorb. Rip Media also incorporated 'motion graphic animation' as well as live video production in our marketing launch."
About Rip Media Group
Rip Media's mission is to expand your business by integrating marketing motion graphic videos, whiteboard videos, live action video--and by integrating website optimization, and social marketing. To learn more visit:
About Vigilant Solutions
Vigilant Solutions is about protecting officers, families, and communities, as well as saving lives, by creating innovative and essential intelligence solutions for law enforcement to enhance policing efforts. 
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Rip Media Group Announces Vigilant Solutions' New Website, Branding, and Video Marketing Strategy