Trade Resources Company News Everlight Presented a Whole Series of Packages for Different Applications

Everlight Presented a Whole Series of Packages for Different Applications

Everlight recently showcased its new series of LED component products at the 2012 LED Expo in Korea.The company presented a whole series of packages for different applications including automotive,smartphone,digital display,indoor/outdoor signage,flash light,infrared LEDs,backlight and general lighting.


Everlight's SMD LED series can be installed as a backlight,indicator or flash light in smartphones or tablets and its infrared LEDs can be installed for sensor or communication functions in phones,remote controls or power supplies.The company's High Power LED can be installed in high brightness lighting fixtures like down lights or street lights whereas its Low/Mid Power LED series are directed towards light bar and replacement omnidirectional retrofit applications.In addition,the COB LED can easily be installed on the heat sink.


Everlight also showcased its Show D series,a high-power LED that is used for automotive and general lighting applications and its small-sized LED packages,which are used for smartphones,tablet PCs,TV backlights,indoor signage and general lighting applications.Everlight's Infrared LED series is commonly used in sensor,power supply,electricity meter or communication instruments whereas its JU series,a COB LED,is suitable for directional,decorative or high brightness LED lamps.


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Everlight Showcases Series of LED Components at LED Expo 2012 in Korea
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