Trade Resources Company News TomTom Partners with Nuon Solar Team to Develop Intelligent Solar Car

TomTom Partners with Nuon Solar Team to Develop Intelligent Solar Car

TomTom (TOM2) announced its continued support of the Nuon Solar Team, a group of students from the Delft University of Technology preparing for the 2018 Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa.

This year the race runs from 22 - 30 September with the Nuon team aiming to cover the largest distance, following a set route each day, and then completing additional loops. The sevenfold world champions today revealed Nuna9S, the team’s first intelligent solar car, in Safaripark Beekse Bergen.

Smarter driving decisions with intelligent solar car

This is the fourth year that TomTom supports the Nuon Solar Team by providing the students with knowledge and access to TomTom technology. Specifically, expertise to build a machine interface which utilises all data to provide the driver with the intelligence to make smarter driving decisions.

This year TomTom is also providing TomTom Traffic to power the vehicle’s predictive cruise control. This system will allow the car to determine the most efficient speed and engine settings to drive through the hills. Furthermore, it will help the team to develop the best strategy when it comes to decide how many additional loops of the course the car will drive, and the best time to bypass traffic congestion.   

TomTom co-founder Peter Frans Pauwels said: “We are really proud to team up with the Nuon Solar Team again this year. Their brilliant young minds are working on the most ambitious solar driving project – but perhaps more importantly, their work contributes towards a sustainable future.”

Nuon Solar Team member, Luka Jaksic said: “We have a really special relationship with TomTom – not only are they contributing their technology, but perhaps more valuably, they are providing their time and expertise. Together, we’re excited to hit the race course in Nuna9S, our first intelligent solar car.” 

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