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Tesla Unveils Model X Luxury EV

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After months of speculations and teasers, Tesla unveiled the much-anticipated Model X SUV at the company’s Fremont, California factory and it delivered the car to its first customers.

The Model X will be available in tow variants, which includes the P90D and 90D, having all wheel drive format with 413km range with top speed of 250kmph and can produce 259 hp.

The P90D version can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds, while the 90D will cover the same distance in 4.8 seconds.

One of the distinctive features of the next generation EV is its Falcon Wing rear doors that have built in sensors for opening in garages of any height.

The car will be available in six seat and seven seat interior layouts. The seven seat interiors maximize passenger capacity while six seat lay out provides added cargo capacity, and the buyers will have an option to choose from white, tan or black leather seats.

Another distinctive feature of Model X is its huge windshield spanning 2.9m2 which Tesla claims is the largest piece of glass ever put on a car in production.

Model X is equipped with camera, radar and sonar systems to avoid collisions even at highway speeds, and the vehicle will automatically apply brakes in an emergency situation

Media sources cited Ellon Musk as saying: "There's far more there than is really necessary to sell a car.

"Some of these things are so difficult; they do make the car better, but the difficulty of engineering those parts is so high, that in retrospect, if we had known the true engineering costs and the amount of complexity associated with it I think we would have probably done fewer new things."

Though Musk had earlier claimed that Model X will be cheaper, but it will cost $130,000.

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