Trade Resources Company News Continental Tests Vehicle Communication System at A9 Motorway

Continental Tests Vehicle Communication System at A9 Motorway

Auto tech maker Continental along with network giants Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer ESK, and Nokia Networks showcased real-time communication between vehicles via the LTE cell network in Germany.

Continental Tests Vehicle Communication System at A9 Motorway

The demonstration was aimed at showcasing how vehicles shared information using the LTE network of Deutsche Telekom at the A9 motorway test bed.

Previously German Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt signed the Innovation Charter for the Digital Motorway Test Bed in Berlin.

The communication time is a vital aspect of the entire system, so a section of the Deutsche Telekom network was equipped with Nokia Networks' Mobile Edge Computing technology which was upgraded with position-locating technology developed by Fraunhofer ESK.

The combination facilitated signal transport times between two vehicles to be reduced to 20 milliseconds.

Continental has also developed certain vehicle electronics interface that is designed to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Continental interior division head of strategy and innovation Ralf Lenninger said: "At Continental, we understand clearly that the Internet helps to improve the vehicle.

"The principle behind it is simple: the more a vehicle knows about the surroundings and the behavior of other road users, the lower its energy consumption and the fewer the traffic fatalities.

"Real-time communication with other vehicles and with the road and communications infrastructure allows vehicles to respond to situations that neither the driver's eyes nor the vehicle's sensors can identify."

Image: Safety Application tested at"digital A9 motorway test bed." Photo: courtesy of PR Newswire.

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