Trade Resources Company News Stryve Foods Buys Cured Meats Producer Braaitime

Stryve Foods Buys Cured Meats Producer Braaitime

Texas-based Stryve Foods, a protein snacks start-up, has acquired Braaitime for an undisclosed price to expand its biltong production.

This acquisition along with the acquisition of Biltong USA made earlier in the year, makes Stryve Foods LLC the sole owner of all USDA approved biltong facilities in the United States.

For over 12 years, Braaitime LLC has been producing South African style cured meats that are all natural, zero sugar, gluten-free, and made with the highest quality beef.

They received their USDA certification in 2012 and are producing biltong in the USA as ready to eat shelf-stable product. Braaitime LLC has been the number one biltong and droëwors seller on Amazon for six years and voted best "jerky" in the USA by Esquire magazine in 2016.

Braaitime Division president Warren Pala said: "I am delighted that our dream of bringing biltong to every home in America is on its way to becoming a reality, and look forward to being a part of the team that will make this happen."

Stryve Foods acquisition of Braaitime LLC is an expression of the company's intent to expand biltong products into new markets in 2018.

This combination of expertise and resources is the starting point for generating awareness of biltong product lines while taking action to expand production for mass distribution.

Braaitime LLC will continue to operate under its brand as a subsidiary of Stryve Foods LLC. Warren Pala, Founder and Division President of Braaitime LLC will transition to Director of Manufacturing for Stryve Foods LLC, overseeing production in all of their biltong facilities.

Stryve Foods COO Joe Oblas said: "Consumers are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies and are looking for natural products with fewer ingredients. We are dedicated to replacing the facings of jerky on shelves with the future of protein snacks – biltong."

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