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Bosch's New Haptic Feedback Gas Pedal Can Save up to 7% Fuel

Bosch has introduced a new gas pedal that can help in increasing fuel efficiency by up to 7%.

This product reduces the dependency of drivers on eco-driving lessons and rule of thumb to drive gently to improve fuel consumption.

The gas pedal is equipped with vibrators and other electronic controllers that give a feedback to the driver when it is pressed too hard, warning that it is not fuel efficient.

Robert Bosch GmbH, president of Gasoline Systems division, Stefan Seiberth said: "The Bosch active gas pedal helps drivers save fuel - and alerts them to potentially dangerous situations as well."

If the vehicle already has an assistance system, then the pedal will become a warning indicator.

Coupled with the navigation system or a camera that recognizes road signs, the gas pedal can give drivers a haptic feedback and warn the driver about approaching dangerous bend at high speed.

The gas pedal works by being connected to automotive functions such as transmission. It can also help to determine the best time to shift gears.

Seiberth said: "the pedal tells the driver when the economy and acceleration curves intersect." If the driver still wants to accelerate some more before shifting gear, however, applying a little extra pressure is enough.

Bosch also claims that in hybrid cars, where start-stop coasting is available, i.e. when the engine is stopped while still moving at speed to save fuel.

According to Bosch, with the new gas pedal installed, such start-stop coasting can be increased by 30% for all journeys. The gas pedal can be set to give feedback when coasting makes sense during the journey. \

Apart from this, in hybrid vehicles it can offer additional advantages.

When the electric motor is turning off and the engine is about start, the gas pedal can give a feedback about the required pressure to be put on the gas pedal.

The gas pedal can be connected to the navigation system to give feedback when the driver is off-course.

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