Trade Resources Company News Palsgaard Develops Palm-Free Powdered Emulsifier for Industrial Cakes

Palsgaard Develops Palm-Free Powdered Emulsifier for Industrial Cakes

Palsgaard, a manufacturer of emulsifiers and stabilizers to global confectionery and dairy industries, has developed what it claims to be the first palm-free powdered emulsifier for industrial cake production.

Palsgaard SA 6615 features only one active emulsifier and one food ingredient, allowing cake manufacturers to not to consider various ingredients in the development of new products or making adjustments to current ones.

The company said the emulsifier addresses the challenges experienced by the industry in removing palm oil from cake recipes without damaging product quality.

The emulsifier will help manufacturers save time and energy as it requires only a few minutes of preparation before being ready for use. 

It allows for a less energy-intensive production process by reducing the mixing process from the traditional four to six steps down to just two.

Palsgaard SA 6615, which uses rice flour as an activating medium, has a higher emulsifier content than gels.

It works perfectly in various cake types like sponge cakes, Swiss rolls, cup cakes, muffins and other cakes. The  emulsifier’s alpha crystal form is stable for about 18 months.

Palsgaard global product and application manager Arne Pedersen said: “In a few of the markets we serve around the world, negative sentiment around palm oil is now prompting some manufacturers to remove palm oil ingredients from their products entirely.

"Making a new emulsifier in powder form is even more difficult. But it’s best because, compared with gels, shortenings or other emulsifiers in paste form, powdered emulsifiers make production easier, more cost-efficient and safer.”

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