Trade Resources Company News Jones Soda Releases Spiked Jones Hard Cider-Soda

Jones Soda Releases Spiked Jones Hard Cider-Soda

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Jones Soda will celebrate 21 years in business this summer with the Pacific Northwest release of Spiked Jones, the first ever alcoholic hard cider-soda beverage.

Created in collaboration with Jeff Bland, the award-winning cider maker for Spire Mountain Ciders at Fish Brewing in Olympia, Washington, Spiked Jones is a premium alcohol-based beverage crafted by blending hard cider, Washington apples, and the same natural flavors used in Jones’ iconic Green Apple Soda.

Spiked Jones is locally made in the Northwest, contains 6.0% ABV, is an all-natural product and contains no preservatives, allowing for distribution in all grocery channels.

Packaged in a green glass bottle with a traditional crown cap, Spiked Jones is differentiated from the Jones Soda brand via the alcoholic “Spiked” reference in its name, while still sharing visual similarities to traditional Jones Soda branding.

Jennifer Cue, CEO, Jones Soda Co., stated, “As Jones Soda Co. turns 21, we couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate than to launch an alcohol-based extension, Spiked Jones. This is a product we have actually been contemplating for years, having filed the ‘Spiked Jones’ name in 1997. Innovating and launching the first hard cider-soda beverage is a natural transition and it allows us to enter an entirely new category with our brand, reaching a demographic that grew up loving our soda.”

Spiked Jones will be available this summer in Jones Soda Co.’s home Pacific Northwest Market and will be distributed by longtime Jones Soda partner, Columbia Distributing. At over 35 million cases distributed annually, Columbia Distributing is one of the largest beer distributors in the United States.

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