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Magisto Announced Several New Points of Integration with Google

Today at Google I/O, Magisto, the automatic video editing solution that turns everyday videos and photos into movie magic, announced several new points of integration with Google, including launching on Google Chrome's Packaged App Platform.

As one of a group of select apps from around the world, Magisto is newly available as a native Chrome application (Chrome Packaged App) on the Google Chrome Developer Channel (v.28 of the Chrome browser). The Magisto Packaged App will function more like traditional desktop software with powerful functionality that works offline. For example, users will quickly be able to process very large videos regardless of whether they are offline or online.

"The value of the mobile ecosystem is growing, but not necessarily in the way people think," said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. "People are looking for quality over quantity at this point. Quality as in apps that work as well as traditional software, but with the flexibility and ease of cross platform use – movement across native applications, mobile, and the traditional web. Magisto embraces this shift as a company and continues to build experiences that fluidly span desktop and mobile devices." 

Magisto, along with other participating applications, will be available to the general public as a native Chrome app later in the year. To access the Magisto Chrome Packaged App first download Google Chrome Canary at Visit to download the new Magisto Packaged App. For all others using Chrome, the existing Magisto app can be downloaded in the Chrome Web Store

Magisto today also announced integration with Google+ Sign-In App activities. The integration will provide Magisto users with a stronger, more seamless user experience across desktop and mobile. The addition of Google+ Sign-In capabilities in Magisto will allow users on the traditional web to remotely trigger a download of the mobile app onto their Android devices with one click.

In addition, when users search for Magisto or other participating apps on Google, popular and aggregated user activity will be displayed to the right of search results. The results will include links that lead inside the apps, offering up the top mobile content to Google users.

With eight million downloads on Android and iOS, Magisto saw one million downloads in the month of April.

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Magisto Launches on Google Chrome's New Packaged App Platform