Trade Resources Company News Achieve Superfoods Launches New Amaranth-Based Snack Bar

Achieve Superfoods Launches New Amaranth-Based Snack Bar

Achieve Superfoods introduces the launch of SuperBar, the first amaranth-based snack bar available in the U.S. market.

Joshua Aisen, Naval officer, recent Harvard graduate, husband, and father of three is the founder of the startup. How did he go from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier to creating a snack bar? It started when Josh was assigned responsibility for the fitness of the 3,000 sailors on the ship USS George Washington.

"A lot of members of the crew had a difficult time controlling their weight," Josh recalls. "I was very interested in why it was so difficult. After all, these sailors were extremely active, often working 18-hour days - like myself. But they were eating high-sugar and high-calorie snacks with very little nutritional value. This inspired me to want to create a better option."

The thought remained with Josh when he left the ship. After arriving at Harvard University for graduate school, he began experimenting.

He wanted to create a snack that supplied healthy, high-quality energy but also tasted great -- something to power high-achieving people in pursuing their goals, whether they're working out at the gym, studying for a test, starting the work day, or even launching aircraft.

For the base of his snack bars, Josh settled on amaranth, a grain that was used heavily by the ancient Aztec empire. He learned that amaranth seed is one of the most protein-rich plant foods, and the quality of its lysine-rich, complete protein rivals animal-sourced foods like cheese. Amaranth also contains more iron, calcium, manganese and fiber than even wheat or rice.

In addition to protein, amaranth contains many other health-promoting nutrients. In agricultural circles, it's been called the "crop of the future," and the online buzz about amaranth has started to pick up.

"Recipes incorporating the ancient grain are popping up in recipes and food blogs. Even so, "I was shocked," says Josh, "that there were almost no products in the U.S. market based on amaranth. Now I've changed that."

Reading more about the history of amaranth and the Central American Aztec culture, Josh learned that the Aztecs would often toast the grains - much like we prepare popcorn today - and mix the kernels with honey, molasses, or chocolate.

Josh experimented with fruits, chocolate, and spices to supply healthy natural antioxidants, fiber, and rich flavors. The result: snackers have their pick of four gluten-free SuperBar varieties: Apricots & Ginger, Blueberries & Vanilla, Cherries & Chocolate, and Raisins & Cinnamon.

The other amazing attribute about Josh's amaranth creation is that the bars are only about 125 calories. "Compare that to the average 240-calorie snack bar out there," says Josh to people who want to trim down.

"You're upgrading on healthy ingredients and cutting out about 5 percent of your daily calories ... which may not seem like a lot, but it adds up to 10 pounds a year in weight loss, even if you don't change anything else!"

The bars will be available for purchase at Harvard University this summer. Achieve Superfoods is also seeking select retail partners

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