Trade Resources Company News eMotorWerks Announces Universal Adapter That Converts Any Level 2 EV Charging Station Into Smart Charging Station

eMotorWerks Announces Universal Adapter That Converts Any Level 2 EV Charging Station Into Smart Charging Station

eMotorWerks announces JuicePlug, a universal charging station adapter for EV supply equipment that will extent its smartphone and web interfaces to pre-existing, non-networked charging station.

This will enable every EV driver to participate in its groundbreaking smart-grid EV charging programs, including a recently launched JuicePoints rewards program that pays drivers to charge.

eMotorWerks, which successfully launched its JuiceBox line of charging stations through a 2013 Kickstarter campaign, plans to repeat its success with a new JuicePlug Kickstarter campaign.

The patent-pending JuicePlug device manages the time and rate of charging in coordination with eMotorWerks' cloud-based JuiceNet smart-grid charging platform, which controls distributed energy loads across the grid.

Participating backers on Kickstarter will receive a JuicePlug, promotional items, and the opportunity to earn ongoing rewards for EV charging.

As with all JuiceNet devices, JuicePlug includes a free iOS or Android mobile app for anytime, anywhere control, programmability for emissions reductions and time of use (ToU) charging that saves drivers money.

The company's web dashboard also allows users to access their charging history and real-time data.

Through its smart-grid EV charging network - which includes JuiceNet-enabled Clipper Creek stations, the company's own JuiceBox EVSEs, and soon any EVSE connected via a JuicePlug - eMotorWerks has access to the widest network of flexible EV charging load capacity in the world.

Access to such capacity helps the power industry better address increasing challenges in balancing local and regional grids, helping future proof their operations for expanding renewable energy generation and the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

JuicePlug owners who live in California's PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E service territories will also be eligible for automated participation in the company's JuicePoints rewards program that pays drivers for smart-grid EV charging or lets them donate to their favorite environmental non-profit organizations.

Participation is also available via text and email alerts to EV drivers that do not yet have a JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station, who can then later migrate to JuicePlug when it ships. Learn more or sign up for JuicePoints.

eMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov said:"JuicePlug is a unique solution to the 'dumb charger' conundrum that has faced EV drivers for years - 'should I throw away a working EVSE to upgrade to one that has smartphone control and programmability?'. Bringing the benefits of WiFi connectivity and anytime-anywhere control, coupled with cash rewards for smart-grid charging is an unbeatable solution for our customers."

"JuicePlug is not only affordable, it actually pays drivers to charge."

Today, California alone has an estimated 180,000 plug-in vehicles, representing over 4 gigawatt-hours (GWH) of battery storage capacity and 700 megawatts (MW) of peak shiftable load.

Moreover, at the current rate of about 3,000-5,000 new plug-in vehicles sold in the state each month, this adds an estimated 70-120 MWh of storage capacity each month - a rate expected to dramatically increase in 2016 with the advent of new, mainstream EVs with larger batteries (e.g. 60kWh) and 200+ mile range.

Now, for the first time in the industry, all this capacity could be accessible via a JuiceNet family of devices from eMotorWerks.

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